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  1. Im looking for an Annis Remus, condition doesn't really bother me if you can prove that it was serviced regulary, engine mods and tweeks are welcome and are a plus, exterior vise a clean looking one is what I'd like but anything would do. You can send me offers via Email with prices.
  2. Buyout!!! Contact me via Email or phone 6671 ASAP!
  3. Offering a Remus (Performance + security, visual mods) + 70k
  4. I have a Remus with a body kit, performance upgrades, full security setup, low milage for farelly cheap if you're interested
  5. Selling a SG3 Sedan. Performance package, light exterior kit. For more information contact me via email ((forum PM)) or phone 6671.
  6. I have an SG3 Sedan for 80k if you're interested. Performance package, light exterior mods.
  7. SG3 Sedan for the Remus trade
  8. I have a classic 2D, full performance, exterior STi kit, less than 100miles. Offer?
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