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  1. Short description: A suggestion to overwrite the invalid textures on clothing items for the multiplayer mode character most people use with new textures through the modding capabilities that exist as part of RAGE-MP. Detailed description: I'm sure most people have noticed that the majority of clothing items available at clothing stores in-game feature variations on textures that are nothing but black-and-white checkerboard placeholders. While this has been a thing for a long time now, something that was particularly noticeable that led me to write up this thread was one item I came across: a basketball jersey that had not a single valid texture out of maybe 19 options available for it. It got me to thinking that (if possible) we could look to replace these empty textures with some new textures and make a lot of clothing options viable once more (in particular, items that don't have even a single valid option at present). Commands to add: N/A Items to add: A number of texture files to existing clothing meshes on the server. How would your suggestion improve the server? Simply put, it would open up more customization options for clothing that has the texture ID slots to accommodate replacement textures for existing textures that don't work properly/don't exist in the GTA game files. Additional information: I've dug around the GTA Online file folders myself recently have found that most of the textures for the multiplayer model clothing in the game were only 512x512 resolution at most, which put the texture files at under 200kb on average in the DXT file format they exist as. As such, adding in appropriate replacement textures that are around the same size wouldn't leave as much of a dent on the server's downloaded game files as I had previously thought. As it's only textures and not 3D models it has a much smaller footprint than full on third party clothing mods. In consideration of the actual textures, I would be in favor of clothing that blends in with the GTA universe, avoiding real life brands and names (as we do with custom vehicles on the server currently).
  2. I'd really like something like this, particularly if it highlighted names. Often, in busy situations, I'll miss a line of text and the RP ends up stalling because I didn't realize someone was addressing my character, and more often than not I'll have to scroll up and sift through dozens of bits of text to catch up. Sometimes this can play out in dramatic ways, such as being seen as disrespectful for not responding to someone. If it isn't a big hit to the server I would fully support this.
  3. Currently with the newly-implemented phone system, a phone bought as pay-as-you-go will simply deduct endless amounts of money from your pocket for any texts/calls you make, which can sometimes lead to having negative amounts of money on-hand and block you from entering interiors (and possibly other issues that I haven't run into myself). I'd like to suggest, with a PAYG phone active, that calls/texts either deduct the cash from your bank, or ideally let you load up the phone with minutes/texts that can be bought from stores (e.g. as a phone card, from any convenience store or phone store). I think this would be a worthwhile consideration as it's odd that it takes money right out of your pocket, and as it has no limit to how much it can take, it can be prohibitive if you're busy with something and run out of on-hand money (for example, if you have to enter a club a second time after leaving, but because you made a call/texted someone, you're a few dollars short of the entry fee). Would be happy to hear what the community thinks of this, feel free to add to it.
  4. I think it's useful as now you can follow conversations with other players a lot better, and not get as much overlap of people saying things at the same time, which can throw the conversation off sometimes. Getting rid of the brackets and keeping the animated ellipses would make it a lot less clutter-y. Also maybe changing the color to something lighter.
  5. Did not know this. This place is just full of surprises. Guess we can disregard this suggestion then.
  6. Short description: Increased functionality and more options for the '/dice' command, to facilitate more complex games and also reduce spam. Detailed description: Simply put, I'd like to see the dice system within the server be upgraded slightly. Some options that could be considered include: - Being able to throw two, three, or even a handful of dice at once, which would group the results of each dice into a single chat window line. - Being able to throw dice that with a greater, custom number range (e.g. instead of 1-6, which is the current standard, you could throw a dice ranging from 10-50, 2-5, 1-11, etc.) Commands to add: Currently the command is just '/dice', which throws out a single die with a number from 1 to 6, and appears in the chat box as "Firstname Lastname has thrown a dice, landing on 5. (( 1 to 6))" With this suggestion, it could be altered to add in the above options, and so it might appear as so: /dice [number of dice to throw] [dice range start] [dice range end] So that, for example, if the player entered the command: /dice 2 1 12 It would show up in the chat box as "Firstname Lastname has thrown dice, landing on 5 and 11. ((1 to 12))" Items to add: None How would your suggestion improve the server? Add more room for other games of chance to be played on the server, reduce the level of chat spam you get from throwing one die at a time with the current system (as you can now throw multiple dice at once), maybe add more flexibility for people using dice rolls as part of their day-to-day RP for things beyond their control? Additional information: I believe '/dice', entered on its own, should still use the current single 1 to 6 die, so that the existing system is still in place, only other options are available if additional numbers are added (as per the above example).
  7. Short description: A very short window of time where a player is not vulnerable to damage while spawning into the game (either logging in normally or after a crash) and also spawning a vehicle. Detailed description: After logging into the game, your character would be immune to any physical damage from the game world for a short window of time (less than 10 seconds). This could potentially also apply while spawning a vehicle. Commands to add: N/A Items to add: N/A How would your suggestion improve the server? I have seen, and also experienced, instances in which I've been killed (or put into a wounded state) after spawning into the game or spawning a vehicle. Examples of these differing occurrences include: - Timing-out/crashing while driving on a busy road, and then being run over by a car after logging back into the game. - Timing-out/crashing while driving a vehicle, then spawning in and being crushed by the vehicle that was being driven prior. - Logging into an interior and glitching through the floor because it hasn't loaded properly. - Spawning a vehicle from a parking space, only for one of the vehicle to land on top of my character and crush them to death. - Spawning a vehicle near another vehicle, wherein one vehicle lands on top of the other and blows it up somehow (e.g. spawning a car near a motorbike) - Random desync issues with vehicles spawning that lead them to harm other players, usually by throwing other nearby vehicles around. I believe this would be beneficial for everyone as it would reduce the frequency of the above mishaps from occurring (however rare they may be) and subsequently reduce the need to report spawn-related deaths to admins and ask for revival, ask for refunds on the forums after losing items, and mitigate any worry about RP being spoiled because someone died. Additional information: In addition to the above, I believe a slight delay (2-5 seconds) should be considered when spawning after logging in/crashing and spawning a vehicle. The player could be momentarily frozen and a message indicating the the player/vehicle is being spawned could appear for a few seconds (for example, "Please wait..." for spawning, and "Retrieving parked vehicle..." for spawning vehicles). Thereafter the invulnerability is activated and they would be unfrozen. When the spawn is complete they would be made vulnerable to damage once more.
  8. I agree that people shouldn't be able to name-change or opt to CK their character if they've been summoned to court, or even if a contract they're involved in is still active (unless certain agreements have a clause that covers the death or disappearance of either of the involved parties, so maybe compensation can be handed out in some way). I'm not in favor of OOC agreements either. I'd like the agreements to be fully IC, but the issue is that any currently role-played agreements that are brought about IC are only really backed by each person's OOC commitment to them (even if they have screenshots of everyone signing made-up documents with lawyers present). To give an example: If one player gives out a loan and tells the receiving player that they can be CK'd if they don't pay it back, they don't necessarily have to accept a CK because the person making these rules has no authority in forcing such a thing (as nothing said OOC holds any weight with IC matters). With these kinds of OOC agreements that have role-play tied to them, an admin can't really enforce such agreements as they aren't official at all in their documentation, like a house or car sale would be where there are logs and records of everything that took place. If we had something set in place in-game to mark the beginning of a legal engagement between two parties, the administration could apply any other circumstances and rules to it as they see fit (including the no-namechanges rule). I can't comment much about the scam limit. I understand the need for a limit to prevent huge scams that might drive people out of the server, and I guess the high limit is more of a compromise. Whatever the limit may be, I think reprisals for scams carried out in any sort of legal capacity should be fought in court rather than with a CK war. With that, anyone could seek to undo the damage of a scam regardless of the amount they lost.
  9. I wanted to discuss the way in which legal matters operate in-game, and perhaps suggest a way we can make them more prevalent in-game. I'm currently a civilian working towards setting up a legitimate business that's dependent on mutual trust between the client and my company. I'm not entirely sure on how these matters are handled by the in-game government (or even if they are at all), but as it stands there is no way in which I, as someone providing good/services to customers, can be held accountable for delivering on what the customer(s) and I have agreed upon. It seems to be entirely down to OOC trust whether I scam them or not (and vice-versa). This lack of certainty is detrimental to establishing any business of this sort, as it means I have to abide by the OOC scam limit if I am to ensure any confidence and prove my legitimacy, which isn't always a possibility (as not all transactions will range as far as the single payment of $75,001). In reality, documents can be drafted -- such as contracts, agreements, bills of sale, warranties, deeds and trusts, etc. -- to incorporate a legal precedent that would serve to stand in a court of law, in the event there is a disagreement or a violation of any sort (based on the terms both parties have agreed upon). With just about any service you use, you will be expected to agree upon terms and conditions in the same fashion. On the server, however, it seems that anyone is free to weasel out at any time (providing it doesn't pass the OOC scam limit threshold) which often leads to violent scenarios that wouldn't be befitting of most people trying to seek justice for being ripped off over, say, buying car insurance, or not paying the monthly rent. I think it would be of great benefit to the role-play environment if documentation could be administered in-game to legitimize any legally-binding negotiation between players. I am aware that players can write up their own documents out of the game and have OOC agreements to validate them should they go to a court case, but something that could be referenced by the server's administration and in-game government would allow this sort of role-play to flourish and allow greater ease in offering things such as loans, property agreements, professional services, employment agreements, and more. This wouldn't rule out scams (as they still happen in our own world, where all of the above exists) but it would help out the people who aren't interested exclusively in shady dealings. As for the people who are - they'll just have to be smart about it and work around the legal system. I'd be interested to hear what the rest of the community thinks on this idea. Thanks.
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