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  1. If anything, I'd question if y'all have been to ACTUAL car meets in any city bigger than 50k population in the US. You'll predominantly find either muscle cars that have 25k+ put into them (ie. TX2k, etc.), rarer imports, etc. ESPECIALLY in locations like California. Many Cars and Coffee meets in bigger cities will have TONS of expensive cars. It's a huge thing down here. As for the driving, no comment.
  2. It’s been chaos since the server first started lmfao, this is nothing new. The one TRUE way to fix this is to implement actual objects that block people, ie. npc drivers. This will never happen though.
  3. I completely agree, and I honestly hate that about faction threads existing at all. I mean reading through a story is nice, but it ruins a lot in terms of IC only knowledge, surprise, drama, and faction ranks that aren't oocly known. Plus I hate the idea of having to take pictures and edit them to be part of a faction. Not required, I know, but you're definitely looked down upon if you don't.
  4. Dude, not to use this as a bragging point or some retarded internet epeen thing, but I've probably done more drugs than you in real life. I never said you need visual effects to make it work. However, it does help players get in the mood and be more immersive with what they're actually doing icly, which is the entire point of the server. To RP in the most immersive way possible. The server isn't 100% realistic, and was never intended to be. Since you can't code /why/ people do drugs in real life, which is to have specific feelings such as feeling good or feeling energetic, visual e
  5. Yes, it's almost like this is the discussion part of the forums and not the suggestions part. We're here to discuss, not make snide comments like "iT's JuSt Ur OpInIoN bRo".
  6. Just because you don't like the ideas here doesn't mean it's gonna be shut down. Still, for anyone that doesn't wanna be an idiot, the simple fact is drug RP is not fun with its current script limitations. Implementing more, dragging out effects to a realistic time line, and introducing ways of smoking it/sharing it will greatly increase usage.
  7. Completely disagree, what's the point of even playing on a game server like GTA:W then? Why not just play RP on IRC or Discord? Scripts enhance and encourage players to do things they wouldn't otherwise in game. Having longer scripted visual effects or scripted ways of smoking / splitting drugs up and sharing them will encourage use, because otherwise drug RP is fucking boring. IRL it's not for the obvious main reason people use them, which is to feel good. This cannot be duplicated in a game, so.
  8. No I mean IRL. ICly it's buying from the hood mostly from what I can tell. I'm trying to say that like 99% of people don't buy shit weed from the hood anymore IRL, so idk why people do it ICly.
  9. Yeah I agree that drugs don't need in-game effects. Stat additions, etc, are the anti-thesis of what GTA:W wants to be. Having some visual effects though that last longer would be nice. As for "realistic buying", I don't think I know a single person who buys it from dudes in the hood. Unless they're other dudes in the hood. Everyone else gets it from regular people who are getting it from Cali/Colorado.
  10. You can wax eloquence about it all you want, but the fact of the matter is that there is 0 reason to buy drugs within the confines of the game as they currently are. It’s a money sink. IRL people buy drugs to feel good or socialize. In game it’s not only way harder to get, it’s also pretty bad with its current script limitations. You can’t pass around joints, split weed up for bowls, etc, causing you to buy lots of grams at a time and have to pass them out like a kid sharing in Kindegarten. On a different note, effects need to last way longer and be tied to
  11. Well in the end this is a game, and people can’t feel the effects of drugs ingame like they can IRL. This is a reoccuring problem in literally every RP server that uses drugs. Common methods to combat this issue have been to create reliable ways of selling when players don’t want to, allowing a flow to occur. Also making the effects better via visual effects, or changing up the mechanical effects. Also our addiction system is bad.
  12. Funnily enough, as a member of one of the older versions of Rancho, while I can’t comment on cops hanging around Rancho or how they act now, I don’t think thr history of the area should be heavily considered when considering how cops should act. It might have used to be a rough area. When I was around, it was actually classified as a nogo area for cops unless there was a raid because of how violent we were. Now I’m not saying our RP was amazing, but if a cop was hanging out around the area, we’d first try to initimidate them and scare them off, or shoot at them as a wa
  13. EliH

    Roleplaying Rich

    Friend of mine wanted to start a jewelry shop where you’d have to pat for jewelry, but its pointless considering higher-tier clothinf and jewelry isnt locked behind stores but instead free at any clothing store.
  14. EliH

    Roleplaying Rich

    This weird idea that seems to only originate and flourish on FiveRP, and now GTA:W servers that we aren’t a RPG server is pretty funny. At our core, this is a RPG. A role-playing game. Within RPG’s, there are tons and tons of different games and styles, all with their own flavore. There’s traditional games like DnD which can last months, linear RPG’s where there are skill rankups like Skyrim, short round-based RPG’s like Space Station 13 that doesn’t have any type of stat system, etc. GTA:W just happens to be a very long term RPG server with no stat system where players
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