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[READ] Advertisement Rules

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St3fan[NL]    133





Advertisements are used to put your vehicle, property or any other item for sale, offer a job or looking for a job. In order to keep the advertisement section organized and not a complete mess, there will be some rules you will need to obey to.


  • Property & Vehicle advertisement which had no replies for the past 14 days(2 weeks) will be Locked and Archived.
  •  Job & Other advertisements which had no replies for the past 21 days (3 weeks) will be Locked and Archived.
  • You are allowed to bump your topic once per 24 hours in order to keep it active.
  • You are not allowed to start discussions on the thread - take those to PMs.
  • You're not allowed to receive bids for auctioned properties and vehicles via PMs. The bids must remain public.


((Make sure the PM's remain IC as this is an IC board also make sure to notify with the OOC brackets that it is an OOC message if one is to be sent.))


Happy advertising!


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