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Mechanical VS Membrane keyboards.

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SHANG.    13
Posted (edited)

Hello there fellow experienced gamers, I'd like to discuss this topic today to do a fair comparison between the two types of keyboards vastly available worldwide. I'd like to hear your points about the advantages and dis-advantages of using these two types, and I'm sure comparing them would be a good idea. I myself have been stuck with membrane keyboards for over 8 years now and I finally think it's the best if I upgrade to a mechanical. I'd really love some advise on this, such as what's the best starter mechanical keyboard and such! Any help is appreciated, a comparison would be the best. Thanks!

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Rin    4
Posted (edited)

Imo if you're gonna spend over 100$ for a mechanical keyboard it's not worth the money


What's the difference? Pressure force and the sound it gives off.

Advantages and disadvantages?

You'll get less tired with a mechanical keyboard


If you're really going to buy a mechanical keyboard i'd advise you to wait on some sales and snipe a good one that's under 100$


Edit : And if you're really going for it and you don't know which MX Switch you have to go for i'd advise you to go to a store where they got a few mechanical keyboards on exposition and try them all out


Red Cherry MXs have a linear pressure when you press on them, meaning that when you tap on it it'll just go down ( idk how to explain it )

Brown's have a tactical feedback meaning that you will feel a click on your fingers when you reach a certain point

Blue's are just plain annoying but eargasms for others, and it's  similar to red ( just makes more noise )


OFc there are plenty of others switches but those are the most common ones

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Scorgasmic    5

From the time I switched to mechanical, I never wanted to go back to membrane. Although my laptop at work is membrane. But I much prefer my mechanical keyboard at home. I make less mistakes when typing, because of the feedback from the switch as well as the actual shape of the keys. It's also faster, because you don't have to fully actuate the key to get a key stroke. So once you get used to it, subconsciously while you're pressing one key, you can actually start pressing down on the following key to register it after. Kind of hard to explain. But once you get one you'll understand.


I currently use a Logitech G610 Orion Brown and had a Corsair Vengeance K70 Cherry MX Brown before. I prefer the Cherry MX Brown because it's not as loud if you don't bottom out your keys (but it's definitely not silent either) and still gives you tactile feedback.

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