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Paul Wayne

The Witcher series on Netflix.

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Arnzeal    44

I am quite disappointed myself, but that is because the show from what I have seen does not follow the books and games which I have read and played.


Mainly, the slavic tone upon which the world is based on doesn’t seem to be a thing on the TV Show. Since this has not been mainstreamed in entertainment yet I would imagine it to have been a nice breath of fresh air for the audience. I know it was for me as a Swede.


People also complain about the cast, I myself am rather indifferent. I can only judge it once I have seen their performance. But I understand why people brought it up due to apperances alone not being alligned with the books and games.


Henry Cavill as Geralt, the actor who plays Superman was a questionable choice too I found.

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Machiavelli    8

It's a success if their goal was to ensure to remain as untrue to the books as possible. Then again it's made by Netflix and they just can't help themselves. They need to instill their SJW politics into all aspects of entertainment.

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