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Vehicle Price Depreciation

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XanX    66

Just wanted to get a couple of thoughts on vehicle price depreciation within the server. Specifically from the players who think the opposite to what my opinion is.


My point of view on this particular subject is as follows:


With the currently limited functionality of the game script, there are absolutely zero vehicle factors which could potentially depreciate the vehicle's price on the server. In the real world, a vehicle's worth can be easily established by a number of aspects. Here are a couple of those factors:


  • Mileage
  • Reliability
  • Number of owners
  • General condition
  • Service history
  • Length of warranty
  • Size
  • Fuel economy


How do any of the listed factors above affect the price of a vehicle on the server? The answer is that they don't. I come across many players who expect a price to drop down by several thousand dollars from the dealership's price tag which is just simply ridiculous. If anything, a vehicle should be worth more after a player has gone through the trouble of spending an additional $75,000 or so on registering it, adding locks and alarms, and modifying it with the various available modifications.


What I really suggest is that vehicles should not depreciate by an unrealistic value by any means until there are factors within the script which can actually affect its performance in any sort of way.


If you as a buyer do not like the price of the vehicle, I honestly suggest for you to go and buy the same one from the dealership and go through the same trouble yourself.


I'd like to know what you guys think, reply below!

Edited by XanX
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Nervous    1399

I'll lock this as It's already planned and suggested. We have lot of things coming in the future for vehicles, with depreciation in mind. You may read up more on some forwarded suggestions that were accepted about it.

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