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  1. Caracosa

    Much love to @Nemo for all the photography.
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    Styling it like a United Gangs page is a nice touch.
  7. Caracosa

    "It is foolish to think that we will enter heaven without entering into ourselves." (Santa Teresa de Ávila)
  8. Caracosa

    "And so you can see, hearing Him hurts much more than not being able to hear Him… God calls to us in countless little ways all the time. Through illnesses and suffering and through sorrow He calls to us." (Santa Teresa de Ávila)
  9. "I was in this state from time to time, whenever it was our Lord's pleasure to throw me into those deep trances, which I could not prevent even when I was in the company of others..." (Santa Teresa de Ávila) These are the dreams and visions of Ávila Maria Zavala Navas, daughter of the failed bandit Alejandro Zavala, daughter of the failed student Teresa Navas, youngest sister of the Sureno brothers Aaron, Andres, and Alonso, who also failed to be what they were supposed to be. This is the story of the whore, the lover, the saint, the girl who was many things to many people but nothing to herself. This is the beginning of her story and the story of her many beginnings. We are blessed by God: this is what Ávila's father Alejandro was always saying. He settled with his wife in Los Santos in the 1980s, after surviving cartels and corrupt Mexican police. He said God blessed him with grey hairs, because only God's chosen could survive the hell of the criminal underworld, and now he could use his luck and wisdom to thrive in Rancho. I want to go home: this is what Ávila's mother was always saying. Her mother was always looking for an escape. Teresa was born in Mexico City to an old Conquistador family (she claimed) that had fallen on hard times, she had dropped out of school to feed her family, but Alejandro promised to create new glories worthy of that heritage in Los Santos, so they immigrated together. She was named after the Spanish mystic Saint Teresa of Ávila. Names were powerful to Teresa and Alejandro, they believed names were destiny. Alejandro believed the "A" in "Saint Teresa of Ávila" meant Teresa was born to marry Alejandro, so he told her to name every child with an "A" like his. The first three children were all boys, all born in South Los Santos, all sucked into the Sureno cycle of street life and prison. Their father encouraged it and their mother grew disenchanted. But their fourth and final child was a girl. So Teresa of Mexico named the girl "Ávila" after Teresa of Ávila's birth place. Alejandro thought this meant Teresa was totally devoted to their family's destiny. But this was a code to Teresa of Mexico. To Teresa, Avila's name really meant "Mexico" or "I want to go home." Those were the people who set Ávila's destiny in motion.
  10. Caracosa

  11. Caracosa

    I will miss Roy and so will Avila. I feel blessed to have RPed with Roy (and Frank, and Salvatore Lena that one time Avila made him a Tom Collins in La Vida), it was like seeing the tip of the iceberg. Our characters met at a classy bar, then deepened the relationship on some white plastic chairs in the hood. The way all our stories interact, even in the smallest ways, is one of the most satisfying parts of my GTAW experience. I'm sure Roy's story influenced lots of stories just like Avila's. Thanks again!
  12. Caracosa

    Just dropping by to congratulate you boys on building up such a rich history over 7 months! 🙂 I always appreciate our RP even if fate doesn't let us cross paths too often. It adds some nice flavour to my character's insular world, reminding me how big Los Santos really is. Y'all fill a niche in my heart. EDIT: The nice man commenting below has informed me that 2017 was not 7 months ago.
  13. Caracosa

    I don't feel this is a fair description of gang RP, at least in South Los Santos. I'm seeing gunshots and violence every day, drug deals, fights, and characters just hanging out, talking, drinking, smoking, whatever. I'm not just talking about the gang in my hood. If I step outside of my hood, like to go to a store or even just take a bicycle ride or walk down the street...I will encounter RP. If I'm really immersing myself in the setting and environment, taking my time, getting really into it...RP always finds me. We also have to appreciate there are some IC reasons to not be super obvious, like ppl don't wanna make themselves targets, so it takes time to encounter RP sometimes, especially if you're a stranger/outsider. For me it's always been like that, illegal or legal. I go in with the attitude that I might not find something, but often the excitement comes from those natural/surprise moments. IMO we need to appreciate there is a rhythm and flow to all of this. I don't play unless I know I'm gonna spend at least 2-3 hours just immersing myself in the setting. OOCly I know that if I take a walk through South LS, I'm probably gonna encounter gang RP. Like I literally can't buy a chocolate bar without finding RP.
  14. I think this could make a lot of extra work for admins without having much influence on overall RP quality. I'm assuming 99% of the time when someone doesn't get a drink item, it's just an honest mistake or the bartender is overwhelmed or it's some temporary problem. Bartenders are often being flooded with drink orders and random chat, so it can be easy to miss things. If a player hasn't been given a scripted drink item but really wants one, I think it is best to politely PM the bartender (the yellow text colour can help when chat is being flooded). I hope that most players are happy enough to accommodate, even if it ends up being 1 cider instead of 1 vodka. Also for drunkenness IMO we should be RPing that, because the alcohol/drug system doesn't really reflect what it's like to be drunk/high/whatever IRL.
  15. Caracosa

    Yay for more ULSA characters! ? My character only met ONE other student on campus in 6-7 ooc months. She's graduated now, but would have been super jealous of Nessa's super rich parents.