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  1. @St3fan[NL] im sorry to kep tagging you.. but I paid for a PRO membership I cannot even use... this is day 3 now and still no fix... so can I please get an update on this? Also we have another user experiencing the same issue I am as they previously commented.. can we please get a status update or something? Im trying to make my FaceBrowser stick out more hense why I bought PRO so I can boost my posts.. but its already 3 days down the drain and not able to use.. I paid for a month, and by the way its looking, its a waste of money... not trying to be "sassy" but please fix this.. we paid for it..
  2. Well im just going to say it, we are most likely stuck like this as its been 3 days and i've heard nothing but the words "1 tag is enough"
  3. Still not fixed.. any updates on why it's not fixed yet? Or do you need more information from me in order to fix it???
  4. Wait the second purchase didn't come out! I just check again, its just the one from the 10th of SEP, if im viewing the right transaction?
  5. I bought pro a week ago, it worked fine but now it wont let me boost my posts, brings me to the upgrade page.. I was dumb and rebought it, it charged me but still nothing.. I wouldn't like a refund just to add it onto my membership will be fine, but I mainly want it to be fixed, I have the verified tag and pro tag, I just cannot boost my post, and it says I have 3 post boosted currently when I have none boosted..
  6. I am looking for a house, comment any you have for sale, please send pictures to.
  7. Please show your listings here and or email me! ((FORUM PM))
  8. LiiveYourLifee


  9. My character recently died in a roleplay incident, now i want to roleplay as his brother, and having everything passed down to him, is this possible?
  10. I personally use “snip tool” on windows 10, I play the game on borderless full screen windowed, and the snip tool allows me to get good screen shots.
  11. You press U. To all the people who don’t know.
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