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  1. God made FAIM in his image
  2. Ted has indeed brought up a discussion that most definitely needs to be discussed. I have been noticing the dwindling numbers of people per faction at high rates and I do believe it's because people with inflated ego's who don't want to be under a type of boss from what I have seen. I can't speak much about the factions Near Vinewood but in terms of Davis and the new players role-playing around Grove Street? Everybody wants to be a boss, there's multiple small groups (4-6 Players) that do low level drug dealing that aren't connected to any specific official gang. This is however a big issue mainly for the black gang-roleplayers because this separation already makes it very difficult to make an official gang. This is a very tricky topic because some people just simply don't want to roleplay under another gang but mainly their little group of friends which at the end of the day, what can you really do it about? You can't force people to roleplay under a specific faction... Alas, it's a lot more complicated then it seems.. As you know, there are multiple factions like the Eurasian OC that utilize multiple different wide range of nationalities into one singular thread. This however isn't compatible with Hispanic factions that are under the Sureno banner. To portray a realistic Mexican Mafia alongside their connection with the Surenos, you would need at least 3-5 factions that have some affiliation. There has been changes where two mid-sized factions like Harpy's and Florencia decided to shut down and open a much better and wide-range Sureno faction such as the Culver City Boyz 13, with the large sheer of players in the faction, I have noticed a high level of success because the more members, the higher chances of roleplaying being able to formed within the faction in contrast to having three to five active members. Just my thought though. To just rewind my points and thoughts. Thoughts - Multiple small factions in contrast to a few large factions is a very big issue that is slowly destabilizing criminal RP from my experience. - Management can't force players to join an official faction but there should still be some type of enforcement. - It's getting better, ex. Florencia and Harpy's shutting down to make Culver City Boys has shown positives in RP as well as activity.
  3. Username: VespuCCi's Finest Comment: PDK | Let that be a message to anybody who tries us ??? did ya'll find the shooter or what? ? *The IP Address originates from a local internet cafe in Del Perro*
  4. Chapter 1 July 23rd, 2015 Listen, I'll be honest.. Growing up in Vespucci wasn't hard, matter fact a lot of people would love to be in my shoes but I always find a way to fuck things up.. I remember I was like what? Nine years old when I was met with a Ruger P89, a couple of the neighbors were running around the streets of Vespucci firing semi's on the fourth of July. Anyways, I'll get straight to the point.. My father is a deadbeat and when my mother is around she really isn't. I went in and out of juvenile as a young offender before getting two counts of aggravated assault, I was tried as an adult and you guessed it, Twin Towers Correctional Facility for two years with... The big boys.. February 10th, 2017 Life has been great, I served my time, I put in my work and I with a help a few of my friends inside, I managed to link with the local Nazi Lowriders in Vespucci alongside other skinheads. I'm not going to beat around the bush act like I'm all this and that.. but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to survive in these streets and if that means dropping an ace above all odds? Life's a gamble man.. With a record like mines, it would take a while to get back on my feet legally, I mean shit I don't even have a fucking diploma, who in their right mind is gonna hire ME? Besides.. the only home I really have are with these dudes and that's life man..
  5. Username: Alfredo Suarez Comment: cant wait ✅
  6. CCIP Trigger, you'll be missed
  7. M Block's Finest Alexander Mcqueen's, Fendi, Balmains allat, big licks in this hoe
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