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  1. Not only by the muggers. With a fast and quick search you are still able to find the valuable stuff, a person carrys around here but there's also the other partie who sometimes doesn't play by the rules, too and pretends to not have that stuff with them wich sometimes isn't true. It's wrong to just blame the ''Muggers''. The fault is from both sides. I would even go so far and say that the problem was created entirely by the Victims in first place. Or do we agree that both sides are failing sometimes?
  2. Not like I defend '' /me pats down Victim. '' but they are also kinda forced to almost ''strip search'' their victims while they try to be quick in their robbery If they actually want to find something as there are enough people who will pretend that they haven't found anything or probably let the robbers find like 500 bucks even though they are carrying +5000 $, a gun and what so ever.. With this current system, it will stay like it is now.
  3. But we are still potraying something and I don't think that a person should have the intention to buy a gun just to stand their ground in an argument . Especially when not beeing from the hood but going there because of what ever reasons. At the end you probably end up killed though as you was willing to go in an argument as you were armed...
  4. Yeah but imagine you have to RP taking a loss because of something like this. Unbelieveable ^^
  5. Literally, just accept that sometimes you have to take a loss IF this would happen like that ffs. It's taken WAY to serious. Like it's just about shooting and killing and DARE YOU ever get killed in a pursiut.... I'm lost of words
  6. probably choosed a wrong occupation OR his fault was to bump into me.. 🙂 sry captain
  7. shame on you. you cant just end his story like that -_-
  8. :'D not to mention those weird simps, females have to fight around
  9. +1 I mean, I got a different opinion about people RPing with 3 characters anyways but its just my personal opinion. But throwing chars away like this will just lead into undeveloped chars running around and getting deleted when things not going on like planned. Just my thoughts.
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