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  1. ysl

    We'll be waiting with a warm cup of 40oz by the fire place.
  2. ysl

    Jhonel "Gunna" Vargas and Derrick "Snoopy Loc" Thombaovang circa 2017.
  3. ysl

    yall bump this shit up so quick damn
  4. ysl

    I can't wait for what's to come.
  5. ysl

    im digging the screenshots, yall are making up for krazy lowks' faction closure for sure.
  6. ysl

    looks promising, cant wait to see what you bring to the table
  7. ysl

    800x600 jpeg screens or it dont count eses, take it far!
  8. ysl

    rudy don't play around, left both his own and another fools guts spilt
  9. ysl

    thimble on the beat, no luck needed this'll prosper.
  10. ysl

    finally, lets get this bread gamers.