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  1. Moving on, now that we know @Certified Lover Boy Jola is already in the works of mapping a high school and is in contact with PM, I agree with @MinuteMaid. Obviously it’s going to be impossible to have a set time frame for when designated school hours are due to major time zone differences between players. If there isn’t already one out there already, There definitely needs to be some form of school board in order to be in charge of staff, making rules for IC on campus and OOC. As far as the argument goes that we should focus on ULSA rather than starting a whole entire new education faction, I don’t think we necessarily need to do that since while they’re both schools, they are completely different. As it was said before on this thread, for the most part people who RP characters based off living and being from the South really have no business going and being around such a pristine and expensive college. As well as the fact that as I stated originally the majority of characters that are played in the south are teenagers who aren’t even old enough to be in college. If we can come together as a community and approach PM the right way without being toxic, why not give illegal rpers a school IC as well?
  2. that’s awesome, do y’all have a thread or anything regarding it, tracking the progress etc?
  3. There’s also going to need to be security presence at all times, with metal detectors at the entrance ETC. to prevent guns being brought to school. I’d like to see a different type of security company on campus as oppose to the normal security that’s hired for businesses and bars, a group of security that exclusively works for the school district to defuse situations appropriately and knows how to interact with the at risk student body that would be attending the school.
  4. Agree 100% there’d have to be some sort of heavy guidelines set just like there are with the prison when it comes to when your character is allowed to get into physical altercations on campus etc. so it doesn’t just turn into a south central gangbanger battle royale. I think it’s important that uniforms should be required due to the fact that most of the student body would be made of teenagers with gang affiliation. Obviously nothing too crazy, just a polo shirt with khakis or jeans or something
  5. I think it’s safe to say that a majority of characters who RP on the southside of the map are teenagers, weather they are affiliated with gangs or not. With the university becoming official this year, from a community standpoint do you see an official high school that offers the full RP experience being plausible in the near future? What would we as a community have to do and be in agreement of to make it happen and last? discuss
  6. ** A viewer who screen recorded the FB live reposts the events online. ** A ratchet voice is heard in the background of the low-quality Android live recording. ??? says: "So I'm over here tryna roll a mothafuckin BLUNT.. And this nigga right here.. This dumbass nigga right here.. (A sigh is audibly heard) Wanna be breaking into houses and shit!" ** The camera follows what appears to be a bald tweaker struggling to balance a wide-frame TV as he sprints down the back alleys of North Rancho, looking over his shoulders constantly. ??? shouts: "I GOT YOU ON TAPE FOOL, YOU GOING TO JAIL!"TO JAIL!" Username: Comment:
  7. Currently looking for a reliable tenant who is looking to rent out my one bedroom, one bathroom apartment located in the All Swell apartment complex on the southside of the city in Chamberlain Hills. The BJ Smith recreation center is located exactly right behind the complex. The exterior offers seats, a table and a grill for outdoor comfort. I am currently looking to charge tenants $5,000 per week to stay at this location. If you are interested please email me (forum PM) or you can reach me at 17330685.
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