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  1. KalpsizReiS

  2. KalpsizReiS

    First of all im not writing an essay so u cant judge me about my grammars an shit. I can write whatever i want here. I never said i know lcn completely and i never called myself as best lcn rper. what u trippin for? All ur words is about chef's rp guide. u not an admin or somethin like that. i never completely refused the all comments above. we wasnt the best but regardless we was tryna do some shit here. Ur egomaniac attitude pissed me of. Im jus tryna say u cant accuse everyone for 2-3 guys with beard an shi. Dont wanna maintain this stupid conversation here, u can go in my pms or dc.
  3. KalpsizReiS

    Bro i already discussed that with my friends and i never used dat beards on my character. U cant put dat blame on everyone in this faction cuse not everyone hanging around with some beards. By the way we aint roleplayin in 80s, joey merlino, scarpa... etc. were in this shit with beards. Hella crime organizations already screwed up due to RICO shit. no one givin fuck to traditions nowadays. where s keeping quite oath? imo no one stickin to the traditions for example new york five families is gone. bonnano family got fired the comission desk because of the family's boss. Snitched everyone in his family to avoid the death. in this faction we wasnt even roleplayin as stickin to the lcn rules one hundred percent cuse it wouldnt be realistic i hope i reflected everything in my mind here. If still yall tryna ask somethin, dont hesitate to pm me i dont wanna discuss about this shit here.
  4. KalpsizReiS

    faction done bro, we'll be makin a new one. same shit, italian american but will be based on Los Santos this time. one of leadership members left(vito, thread's owner) and zizzo decided to create a new faction. we ain't broke up with this completely. new characters, new faction an lcn. that's all.
  5. KalpsizReiS

    it was a short but good fuckin run boys, everything comes to an end. peace.
  6. KalpsizReiS

  7. KalpsizReiS

    Match I End of the Match
  8. KalpsizReiS

    Match I End of the Match
  9. KalpsizReiS

  10. KalpsizReiS

    I'll give you 61k for this.
  11. KalpsizReiS

    James "Jimmy" Zizzo and Carmine "Carm" Ferrante, white t shirt. Back in the days, 2013. FBI Surveillance.
  12. KalpsizReiS

  13. KalpsizReiS

  14. KalpsizReiS

  15. KalpsizReiS