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  1. Kilos

    Good looks bro.
  2. Kilos

    Very good.
  3. Kilos

    Let's refrain from trying to dig people out here. It is what it is. The faction simply made too many mistakes so soon. The fact of lack of development from other roleplayers and a bit of belittling of other members of this faction has been our downfall. For the ones who wanted to take part in this faction, will under a new alias and characters and also under better direction. But for now, let's just forget the wasted time on this thread and focus on the future. p.s: I can promise no more stupid beards. I'd put it on and had no idea how to take the cunt off.
  4. Kilos

    Cash Flow I
  5. Kilos

    Pit Stop I Pit Stop II Pit Stop III
  6. Kilos

    Best of luck.
  7. Kilos

    Vespucci Sports II
  8. Kilos

    Welcome To Los Santos, Dick III Porno Paulie I Provenzano II
  9. Kilos

    Vespucci Sports I City Life I (During the time of screenshots; I was working out a new style)
  10. Kilos

    Welcome To Los Santos, Dick I Welcome To Los Santos Dick, II.
  11. Kilos

    Carm I DeAngelis & Tineo II Tony & Provenzano I
  12. Kilos

    Georgie Boy I Morning Talks I