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  1. VGavelin

  2. VGavelin

    Still looking.
  3. VGavelin

    Looking to buy Pfister Comet SR. Contact - 03512701.
  4. VGavelin

  5. VGavelin

    Selling a black Benefactor Streiser. Registered and insured. Upgraded transmission, engine, and turbo. https://imgur.com/a/377MNK0
  6. VGavelin

    Selling a Benefactor Glendale. 200 Miles on the odometer. Upgraded transmission, turbo and suspension. Reply with offers.
  7. VGavelin

    Buying Benefactor Glendale.
  8. VGavelin

    Installed the profile, works perfectly, thanks!
  9. VGavelin

    Nope, never modded my GTA.
  10. VGavelin

    Oh, it'd be great if you could upload it actually.
  11. VGavelin

    Yep, I can wheelie on all bikes except for the Manchez.
  12. VGavelin

    I used to be able to wheelie with it, my friend can use my Manchez to wheelie. I can't wheelie on his Manchez either. I can wheelie on all other bikes though.
  13. VGavelin

    Using /vget spawns the vehicle where you last parked it, can be right infront of you if you remember to use the park command every time you log off.
  14. VGavelin

    This really won't help in my opinion. People can still just make an AHK script to type in something random in chat.
  15. VGavelin

    Still buying.