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  1. VGavelin

    Using /vget spawns the vehicle where you last parked it, can be right infront of you if you remember to use the park command every time you log off.
  2. VGavelin

    This really won't help in my opinion. People can still just make an AHK script to type in something random in chat.
  3. VGavelin

    Still buying.
  4. VGavelin

    Character Name: Rafael Fernandez Forum Name: VGavelin (Discord Name?): Victor 99#8105 Property ID (of your house): 176 Interior ID you would like to have(from the list): 61 or 72. I'd really prefer 61, but if that doesn't match I'd take any other garage. Location of property (address or screenshot of map ) 1029 Brouge Avenue Screenshot of the exterior of your house/garage:
  5. VGavelin

    Archive ples
  6. Short description: Small pictures that appear next to the animation menu when you hover over an animation. Detailed description: When you go into the animation menu, go into the sitting section for example and hover over ''Sit2'' there can be a small picture next to the menu showing you what the animation does and what it looks like. Commands to add: None. Items to add: Pictures next to the animations. How would your suggestion improve the server? It would make it way easier to find the right animation depending on what roleplay situation you're in instead of having to guess the difference between handsup1 or handsup2. For experienced players they probably know most of the commands but I've seen tons of fairly new people struggle to even find the right animation to sit in a chair. Additional information:
  7. VGavelin

    How much are you selling this for? Also, are you renting it or just selling?
  8. VGavelin

    Buying good looking car. Performance doesn't have to be amazing. Prefer classic American or JDM but send me pictures of your car if you have other nice ones. Budget is 75,000$
  9. VGavelin