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[4Sale] 108 Calafia Road, Stab City


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Name: Nina Miller

Number: 92533474

Note: Very interested, been camping around the area for quite some time and have co-workers within the Fire Department that live in the area as well. Would definitely help to live in the area of the Departments that I prefer to staff. Willing to buyout.

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* Name: Harvey Scavone.

* Number: 56-333-568 ((Or Forum PM)).


Buyout, I’ll give you more than enough for the place. $200,000?


I’ve experienced a tough period in Los Santos, of which my now ex-wife divorced me, and took the kids to New York. I lost half of my assets, and are now working for a cleaning company. I currently rent a small motel room in Sandy Shores and are saving up money for a small cozy trailer like this one. I’d love to come for a viewing, and perhaps purchase it. 

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