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Feature Showcase: Hunting


General Information

Do you like to go on an adventure trip into the county? And do you also enjoy shooting your firearms? Gear up and head out into the county and go hunting! The animals are fully synced between players so you can go on hunting trips with friends, as long as you all have a hunting license!


If you have a PF license head down to the Licensing Shop to purchase your Hunting License, you do not need to apply ICly anywhere to get it. Just make sure you are up to date with the current state law regarding hunting. 


The more you shoot an animal until it dies the lesser the quality of the carcass will be. The better the quality the more you get paid for it.
If you have over $450.000 in assets you will be taxed unlike like the other jobs which prevent payment entirely, this is done because you have expenses such as buying a rifle and ammunition.


You are supposed to roleplay realistic and roleplay all your actions.

This means:

  • Use proper clothes, you do not hunt in a pair of shorts and a tank top.
  • Use a proper vehicle, you're not off-roading in a $200.000 sports car.
  • You do not carry more than one carcass at once on your person.
  • You do not ram them over with your car and then shoot them to get their carcasses.
  • Try not to spook the animals by running up to them/driving towards them, because your goal is to hunt.

Anyone using hunting to troll/grind/non-RP will be dealt with by admins, feel free to submit a forum report if you see anyone not roleplaying their hunting roleplay.



/sellcarcass(es) - Sells the current carcasses in your inventory to the meat factory.





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