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Nervous    3,559
Feature Showcase: Houses


House Commands


/ppitem(s)-This is for depositing items into your property.

/ptitem(s)-This is for withdrawing items from your property.

/pinv-This is view your items stored in your property.

/setrentable (price)-This is to make your property rent-able. (only usable if your property can be automatically rented)

/tenants -This is to view a list of current tenants.

/evictall -This is to evict all your tenants.

/givepropertykey - Offers a key of your property to another player to invite him as tenant

/removekey - /kicktenant -This is to kick a specific tenant.

/stoprent-This is to stop renting a property.

/plock-This is to lock/unlock your property.

/pinfo-This is information regarding your home.

/pwithdraw-This is for taking money out of your home cash box.

/pdeposit-This is for depositing money into your home cash box.

/pmenu-This is to give you some information about your property and to give construction rights to tenants.

/outfit-This is used to change outfits from your property.

/sellproperty-This is you selling your home back to the sever for half the market value.

/playersellproperty-This is for selling your home to a specific player.

/bell - Rings the bell

/knock - Knocks at the door

/breakin - Sends a breakin request to onduty administrators


Furniture -Press I to bring up the menu, scroll to page two, and select construction.











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Nervous    3,559

Updated for the tenants update

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