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UCP and server, "You typed the incorrect password or username, or account is disabled"

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Tried to join the server today, and was faced with that error. I double, triple, then quadruple checked my password before being kicked. It's the exact same password I've always used, and I even copy and pasted the password at one point. I also tried logging in with my letter username and my email.


I then changed my password. My new password does not work. I made sure I was putting it in letter by letter, but still to no avail. I checked my UCP admin history to find that my slate was as clean as possible, zero infractions whatsoever. So, I logged out of my UCP to see if I could log back in.


Unfortunately, now I'm locked out of both my UCP and the server itself. What do I do? Could my account have been compromised? Not too sure what I can possibly do.

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