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  1. Hello! If this is still available, give me a private message so we can talk more about the truck. I might be interested.
  2. yvngdre


    Hello! Would you be interested in a trade? I got a Comet S2 Cabrio with all the security and performance upgrades, including subwoofer, of course, some cash on top from me.
  3. yvngdre

    [L&A] STX

    I got one, low miles, top line security and performance package along with a quality subwoofer system and a few exterior modifications. Asking price : 185,000$
  4. yvngdre


    Today around 4PM ((ig time))
  5. yvngdre


    Offering 250 for the Cabrio
  6. No thanks! I won’t accept anything lower than 530.
  7. The SG4 it's not for sale no more!
  8. yvngdre

    [SOLD] Rebla GTS

    SG4 with security/performance package and a subwoofer system plus money on top for it?
  9. Read the red colored text. Thanks
  10. Hello everyone! I got two vehicles that I might sell them for a good offer. Cheetah- 543,000$ Let's start with this Classic Cheetah! Top line security package, performance package too. Around 300 miles, the car comes with a great subwoofer sound sytem. I personally modified the vehicle. Worn White exterior painted with quality Brown leather interior. Down below you can see more details and photos about it. Vehicle paperworks. Considering the fact that the cars are almost brand new with everything on them, the prices are more than fair. I am not in a rush to sell so please, don't offer anything below the asking prices! Have a wonderful day and thank you for reading my advertisment!
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