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  1. I play GTA on a MSI prestige 15 and when I play with the charger plugged in and with the High Perfomance (Full speed with the fan) checked the temperature increases to around 47-50C. Now when I play without the charger plugged in my laptops temperature decreases a lot. I mean you can barely feel the heat, however my FPS drops. Now the question: is it harmful for my laptop on the long run? And is there anyway I can decrease the temperature? I mean it must have something to do with the battery and the charger.
  2. Tony.

    Forum name change

    thanks. found out I need points in order to change my forum name lol anyways you may archive this
  3. Close this if I posted this in the wrong section. I would like to change my forum name to "Two" without the quotation mark who should I contact or where?
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