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  1. It's sad. With the platinum package as I understand it also will not work, there are only versions for single and fivem
  2. Also, is there any way to install addons for the NVE? Which for example there is in the single, I really want a white lantern light for rage mp, but they are set only through open4, which in turn does not work with rage mp.
  3. This method does not work in the case of NVE. 😞
  4. Hi, I don't know if anyone has asked this before, but is it possible to adapt the NVE for rage mp so that it is not installed in the root of the game, but in the folder user resoures? I like to replace the textures of the root gta, and every time in case of what to restore the files + put NVE is not very convenient. P.S Just put the NVE files in user resources tried, does not work, although it should not in theory.
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