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  1. BeEEEEETTT. I take back all the nice shit and just leave in you're a dog c***
  2. @Goonbag from a "straight" Australian " heterosexual " to a Mexican midget. I love role playing with this guy. He has microscopic vision to detail and he keeps things fresh each time. He truly is 1 of the greatest roleplayers on here. He doesn't have the play to win mindset and continues to rebuild when there's a loss. I have to also mention he hasn't owned a PC for 10 years and only started rping a year ago. 👀
  3. LMAO when u used to go the fuck off on people 😂😂😂
  4. Show them what u can do Baltimore
  5. Sorry this ain't disney land and close the door.
  6. Muerta

    Compliment me

    My internet bestie.
  7. cutest couple eva now I gotta be nice to toro 😔
  8. When you got that RPQM on you just for rping a relationship in prison without sex. @CertifiedKiller
  9. weird mfers make it too weird to be nice on this shit that's why
  10. So radical you didnt need your red doc martens
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