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  1. Amen. Too many restrictions and being pushed to be ,,realistic,, just makes it hard to play or get anywhere.
  2. Seriousssssly. It's like, well if I dont have discord can I not join the faction/ or business? 😂
  3. 🙃 common poor escalation i've dealt with is getting asked if i live in the area they find my character in and kill her once she says yes.
  4. This. I mean as an adult, I don't care if people want to fuck. It's preying on others and doing the most publicly that's doing it for me.
  5. NOOOOOO😂💀 "cut it out you 2 don't make me come down there!"
  6. They pull up 8 deep for a traffic stop too 😂😂😂
  7. James' development keeps getting better. +1
  8. You mean when I was leaving my character's residence and had music blasting with 10 cops and guns behind me because I didn't yield? Yeah, that ain't gonna change.
  9. Sylvia Haynek you here???
  10. This. I tried giving it a chance and was honestly disgusted by how hostile they could be. Being from the city, I was expecting that kind of behaviour in LS and not there.
  11. ye no more getting caught examining somebody
  12. Jesus I haven't seen those names in forever. Welcome back! 😁
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