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  1. This guy invented manele
  2. Hump me fuck me daddy better make me choke
  3. Illegal roleplay is all I ever did on my time with SAMP and GTA world. It's fun and risk taking, but I learned theres more to it than shooting. I went through the psychology route and set up factors instead of just spawning automatically as a criminal.
  4. The gang is back BABYYY

    1. Koji Takamato

      Koji Takamato

      Hell yeah! A lot of people from SA-RP and LS-RP are here. I just got in gtaw but I'm bringing the whole gang with me hehe

    2. Muerta


      Woot come see me in ktown then 😄

  5. Ty for being my rcrp kid u were my favourite out of the others of the Santos clan
  6. Would be nice to have them and make your profile more unique
  7. Best brother evaaaa. Iris coming in with the 1 hit punch tho
  8. Patrick Star voice: yer HOT
  9. Hey even though I hated the server
  10. Yo  . Bro stop trolling Me wiTh UR Egirl Benchod  ?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Muerta


      is that y u cked me ... FOR A MOTHER BICH  ?

    3. Muerta


      na-nani... baka !!! 


    4. changooman


      So-sorry I was roleplaying the grim reaper


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