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Hawaiian Snow Apparel

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  1. http://hawaiiansnowapparel.com Baseball Caps now online! ((Custom model comes with a hair mod for females!))
  2. http://hawaiiansnowapparel.com Classic Collection now available!
  3. Hawaiian Snow - Leave Your Mark (collection coming soon). New sweatpants now available online and in-store: http://hawaiiansnowapparel.com x
  4. http://hawaiiansnowapparel.com Use promocode: WEEKEND at checkout. (Available until Sunday, 21st).
  5. UPDATE: NEW COLLECTION NOW AVAILABLE! ((This is our first purely custom modded update, we're slowly learning new skills to produce better content, so let us know what you think!))
  6. Hawaiian Snow Apparel is proud to announce a collaboration with Magnolia Records and their smash hit artist DRILLBILL with a BRAND NEW merch release! Support local businesses, support local artists! New products now in-store and online at http://hawaiiansnowapparel.com
  7. New Xmas stock available in-store and online now! http://hawaiiansnowapparel.com
  8. New Winter Stock (Part 1!) available now! http://hawaiiansnowapparel.com
  9. We ask for your cooperation in this by not sending the mods to your friends as this will impact our role-play. We are a clothing manufacturer that designs, creates and sells our products - everything we do is in-character, from the picking your item, packaging and delivering to your characters house OR arraging collection, so please be courteus and help us achieve this by linking your friends here instead of sending them the files - it's very much appreciated <3! All files are sent via Discord once a /banktransfer has been confirmed and the roleplay has been completed in-game!
  10. https://www.hawaiiansnowapparel.com - click to visit site!
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