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  1. All sorted now, thank you for your help!
  2. I've come to notice that there is so many XMR stations that are broken and decided I would like one of my own, to help enhance the environment I'm trying to roleplay. I've searched the forums for a while now but I've struggled to find any to little information surrounding the XMR stations. I've found a guide but it seems to be outdated and also not particular clear with the original creator not being on the forums for several months. Hopefully someone can answer my questions which would be highly appreciated! , just to give me more clarity. Question 1:
  3. Noted. I’ll contact you to arrange the transfer.
  4. Selling my NEARLY new Baller. This is the first generation with no issues at all. Very well maintained with excellent comfort and features. The vehicle has plenty of storage space for them long adventures. Starting Bid: $35,000 Buyout: $55,000 ((OOC INFORMATION))
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