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  1. For years now (elite) athlete's and public servants (Police, Fire, Military) have been implementing both crossfit and calisthenics in to their training workout. The days of the pure muscle building workouts are over. Beat it Schwarzenegger, your days are over! Get fit, fast and muscular at the same time by enrolling in Fly's bootcamp. With years of experience as a personal trainer and countless hours spent training, Fly will guide you on your path to greatness. Become the better you! The intensity of the workouts is unmatched and will truly get you hurting after only 30 - 60 minutes. Due to the low amount of equipment used, the cost is kept to a minimal with maximum results. Get fit, fast and lean in no-time! We offer bootcamps, personal sessions and aim to organise events all over town. Get training now for only $100 per session! Nutritional supplements like whey, creatine and BCAA's can all be obtained through our bootcamp for an incredible discount of 25 to 50 percent! Order a ten-session-subscription for $1000 and see what it's like. Happy? Get a monthly subscription for $1500 (unlimited sessions!) LSPD and LSFD members obtain a 33 percent discount on monthly subscriptions ($1000) Set goals and smash them! Are you ready to smash your personal goals? Get in touch now by filling out the following survey :
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