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  1. it has everything great but it's based on a very old game that looks terrible for today's standards
  2. Preferably crime free zones of the city, will take care of it and will respect mutual agreements. I'm a female and would like to rent from a female as well, and you should be able to tolerate smokers.
  3. Just to give your suggestions and experiences about role playing in other games, I've spent some time RPing on WoW and LOTRO, pretty decent and more if you like medieval magic type stuff.
  4. i tried blocking gta5 launcher in firewall but when i start gtmp it still runs the update when social club starts. how do i prevent that
  5. if anybody has it, it'd be great. steam version is not working for me.
  6. will do now, but to mention i downloaded ragemp now as well tried it, same problem
  7. maybe its not in the same data thing bcs its not installed in the same folder, gtamp n gta v? but before i reinstalled the system i had them in different folders n it worked fine
  8. i dont have that, and im using social club legitimate version i am connecting like that already
  9. it opens, i launch it but it just goes to SP every time
  10. i've tried everything, removing read only permission from folders, running gtmp with admin permission, reinstalling and relocating it to gta 5 folder n out of it. idk what else to do to fix it
  11. Juice

    car mod trouble.

    i installed some police car mods, logged ig n just worked fine (i tested them over ragemp bcs its more convenient, if that matters at all) and then i played some time on gtmp, didnt see any police cars so didnt notice. but yesterday i saw couple of them and they were the default ones, i logged on ragemp again to test the mods n they reverted back to original ones. how can i install the car mods without them turning to default again?
  12. got like 4 hours on it on steam, already got boring
  13. keep it like it is, instead you'll have your character not sleeping for 2 days if you're online that much
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