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Legal Faction Management - What to expect

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HemmaX    55

Much like Dirk I'll start by shortly introducing myself, I am a SAMP veteran, a place where I build a large amount of characters based around legal Roleplay such as Lawyer and LEO and medic. I moved to GTA V RP as I was encouraged by Nervous.

What can you expect from me handling the legal side of the server?


  • I've previously played on servers where the faction management and the head of legal factions wanted to dictate the directions of the factions that where available. I'll be working closely with the faction leaders to create a balanced and not least, fun experience for anyone participating.
  • I'll be the contact person for the legal factions, I will work closely with Ethanol and the rest of faction management to help develop and create an inviting environment within the factions.

Legal factions

  • Legal factions are very different than Illegal, in the sense that illegal factions are not (to an extend) bound by the same rules as Legal factions. Having a legal faction can be very rewarding, but also challenging. Want to run your own virtual company? Then I will be here to help, guide and inform about the venues available.
  • Factions can prove themselves by standing out from other factions, based on a faction's activity and on their quality of roleplay they can become an official faction. Faction management will closely monitor both a faction's display thread on the forums aswell as in-game. Official factions will benefit from a list of commands that regular factions don't get access to, and may receive Government funding.
  • IT IS possible for an illegal faction to run a front through a legal faction, this is aimed at allowing Mafias a front through legal corporations.


  • Working closely with developers, Legal Faction Management will try to incorporate new ideas for how legal businesses can sustain themselves.

It is my vision that the servers official legal factions are run by non admin staff. This will allow the factions to remain a player run area, that is governed by the head of Legal Factions.

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