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22nd Spetsnaz Brigade

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KhabibTime    21


         Movsar   Rashidov       


Movsar Rashidov born 7th January 1987. Movsar is the son of Fatima and Isa Rashidov in Chechnya, Russian SSR. Movsar's father was a police inspector during the communist regime in Chechnya, and Fatma was a doctor. Movsar grew up in a rather religious household. Movsar's family always encouraged him to be religiously active and to study hard. Movsar attended elementary school in his village in Chechnya where he'd get often into various fights with the elder students there. Movsar would often get beaten up. Movsar's parents were told about these acts and reacted rather furiously, despite most of the time it wasn't Movsar's fault. Movsar out of anger decided to start wresling after school and to be able to defend himself as wresling was a custom in Chechen culture as well. Movsar wouldn't miss a wresling class for nothing, he never did. Movsar worked hard, and managed to gain 10 pounds of muscle in just a month, as he was skinny before. Movsar's trainer saw something in him and decided to take him out for competition against other schools in the Kavkaz region. Movsar won 3rd place in the Elementary Wresling Finals and was rather proud of it, as well as his family. Movsar liked the fame from all the hard work and was becoming rather attached to it, Movsar was seen as a small celebraty in their vildxtTQIj.pnglage. Movsar left behind the studying and was falling behind in Math rather quickly, although Movsar managed to pull it off by persuading other classmates into helping him graduate. Movsar graduated from school and decided to continue training wresling, he did also work in the morning as а

Guard for a farm to help out his family, until his 20's.

Movsar managed to win two bronze medals in the National Competition in Russia, but eventually looked after something more exciting, deciding to join the Russian Army at 25. Movsar trained hard as it was required to be a soldier, and studied as well. Movsar was sent to Donbass, Ukraine as  18th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade soldier it was demanding independence. Movsar fought against the Ukrainians and Tatars there, along with his division. Movsar befriended Levon Kapanadze, a fellow comrade. They both worked hard during this mission and managed to calm the Civil War down, eventually both soldiers Movsar and Levon were moved to the 22nd Spetsnaz Brigade as privates, working through the ranks. Movsar eventually left for Odessa, Ukraine after reporting departure. Movsar had earned some money, enough to be able to rent a one room apartament in this Big City. Movsar looked for a job there, which wasn't very easy, which led him to embrace Alcohol, as his alternative reality. A month passed, Movsar found himself a job, as a Security Officer in a Mall - salary was minimal though, just enough for him to eat and pay taxes and rent. Movsar was required to beat a homless guy simply because he was seeking shelter in a store there. Movsar did as asked, beating him quite heavily after being warned a couple of times not to enter, this was too heavy for Movsar.. Making him a full time Alcoholic, betraying his faith, which his family always honored. Mo had no other choice, either starve or be a horrible person. Hunger is always stronger. Movsar took a loan from a local Jewish loanshark, in order to multiply it, in order to do that he needs to start doing business on the streets. Movsar bought huge quantities of hashish and began selling it to various tourists around Odessa, he did it for a few months and money was indeed flowing in. Movsar managed to keep his business for a couple of months, until eventually interest rates began going up and all the profit had to go back to the loanshark. Movsar went into hiding, current whereabouts are unknown.   





✯   Levan Kapanadze   


Levan Kapanadze was born on the 1st of January 1994 in Tbilisi, district Digomi. Shortly after Levan was born, his mother died and all Levan was left was his father. The man was called Nikoloz and after his death he couldn’t cope with the sadness and depression and he began using alcohol, and drugs to cope with his problems. Levan didn’t have a nice childhood, Nikoloz never cared about school or anything connected with his son. Levan, not having any father or mother figure in his early life communicated with the other kids with aggression and fighting, not with words. When he did something wrong in school his father never talked to him about or asked what happened or why, he just beat him and then continued killing himself with drugs and alcohol abuse. When Levan was 12 his father overdosed and left Levan all alone. He didn’t have grandparents or any relatives at all, at least ones that cared for him. He was brought to an orphanage after the death of his father. Nothing changed for Levan after going to the orphanage, he continued fighting as he didn’t know anything else to do.



A couple years go by and a local sports trainer called Giorgi visits the orphanage and takes interest in several boys, including Levan. Levan is 17 at the time and was already tall and strong for his age. He goes with Giorgi and begins training boxing and combat sambo. The gym is where he meets a man known as Alek and that is when Levan’s life takes a dark turn. Alek recognizes the physical strength that Levan has and the lack of thought in Levan, and starts using him as an enforcer. Levan wasn’t payed a lot, but for an 18 year old kid that never had more than 100 lari in his life was hooked. He beat people up,enforced Alek’s control on several streets and slowly became a household name in Tbilisi. He also began controlling a small part of  Alek’s drug

operations. He continued with sports, but the rest of his time he spent doing what most 21 year olds with no guidance or jbNiQ6N.pngmorals, he began partying, doing drugs and so on. By all records he was good with his friends, but he never had a way with girls, he would always have a girl at night, but he never had a relationship that lasted, because he was never taught how to act in front of one.


One night Alek tasked Levan to torch a local store that hasn’t been paying. Seemed like a simple job, but Levan almost got caught escaping and was forced to lay low. Even so, the police breath down his neck and he got arrested. The bad part was that there was someone inside the building so Levan wasn’t going to get charged just with the sabotage, but with manslaughter as well. Days after the incident, Alek arranged for Levan, who at this point is 23, to leave for the Russian military. Levan accepted and went to Moscow.

Levan thought that he would just serve his time peacefully in the army and then he would be back in the business. He had no idea what fate in store for him.

On the 12th of April 2014 separatist militants seized the Donetsk city office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and such is the way the war began.

Levan was deployed on the front lines of Donbass along with Movsar, eventually befriending him. The fighting was hard and fierce. The resistance didn’t let a single meter without a terrible fight. This is where Levan learned that what he saw on the streets of Tbilisi is nothing compared to war. He saw men die in front of him, men torn to shreds from explosives. Levan along with Movsar eventually were moved to the 22nd Spetsnaz Brigade. Levan was hit in the shoulder and was sent back to Moscow. He wanted to get back in the fighting, but a higher up decided that Levan should stay back while everyone else fought. He was furious with the system and left the army.


He had nothing to his name again, so he began doing the only thing he knew how to do, this time alone. He learned how to jack cars and made some good friends in the car business. He continued training boxing and sambo, to earn a little extra, he got into illegal fights first as a fighter, than as a fixer. He wanted more power, but he couldn’t grow the street life in Moscow wasn’t going to change any time soon. Levon eventually left for Los Santos, SA, USA with a visa.


And then one day he got a call from his old friend, Movsar.

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Movsar is the son of Fatima and Isa Rashidov in Chechnya, Dagestan, Russian SSR


Huh? Chechnya isn't the same as Dagestan. Different republics.

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Jidosko    35

Army brat to army brat. Good luck 😄


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4eno    25

Unique character story.

Edited by 4eno
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