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La Puerta Del Sol Casino & Lounge | 03/JUL | 9PM

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Nightlife, Reimagined.



     There are many things to be said about La Puerta Del Sol Casino, there is a sense of refinement which comes from it. Where once you step through that door, your dreams are not too far from the corner. Your chance to become a king or queen within a single roll of the dice is a chance for everyone of all walks of life. A friendly smile from our staff is a welcoming sight as each one is as enthusiastic as the next to greet you and care for you on your own personal level. There is a feeling like no other like La Puerta Del Sol Casino, where our decor is as grand as the games which we offer you.

     With our games like Roulette and Blackjack, you will never find yourself unsure of what to do. Not only that, but with our professional staff and quality items, everything is ready-made for your enjoyment. Our bar is open for you to savor, sit back and enjoy your earnings over the finest drinks in Los Santos, after all, you are the winner here and you deserve to treat yourself as such. A chance to meet face to face with the heart and soul of Los Santos, new friends at every-table, new lovers waiting at the bar. The only thing which is missing, is you.







Located on the prestigious Puerta Del Sol



            La Puerta Del Sol will be opening its doors with brand new games never before had live in Los Santos, classics such as blackjack, and roulette, and potentially, poker and slots. All our games are regulated with generous payouts and some of the finest and well trained dealers in all of Los Santos. Here to support you hand to hand if need be. 





Our brand new roulette tables are sure to get you entertained! 


Maximum Bets of $15,000

Dozen bet - 2/1 Payout

Column bet - 2/1 Payout

Odd / Even & Red / Black - 1/1 Payout






Our roulette tables with room for up to 6 players all at once!

Maximum of $10,000 bets. Options of hit, stick and double-down.





 Interested in higher stakes games and a private helicopter ride straight to the casino? We have partnered with Los Santos Aviation to offer you private helicopter rides! With further access to a whole private table and on demand drinks you are sure to get your moneys worth and be treated like royalty! Our rates start at $5,000 with everything listed there! E-mail us for further inquiries ((forum PM))





Browman Group


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Posted (edited)

Image result for texas holdem


Interested in Texas Hold'em? We are hosting private poker games with various buy-ins! Send us an e-mail if you'd like to participate ((forum PM)).

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We're also raffling out this beautiful Coquette Classic for our grand opening! Only $2,000 for a ticket is a steal for one lucky winner!


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Opening this Saturday at 9PM! Also hosting poker this Saturday AND raffling off this Vapid Ellie! 


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We have a great opening lined up this Sunday night! Hope to see you there.

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