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  1. Vulcar

    Name: Thomas ‘Sunshine’ Alo Age: 42 Ethnicity: Italian-American Height: 6’2 Build: Broad Tattoos: Three, one on his right arm of Mother Mary and on the other arm a portrait of his wife, Maria. One around his neck with his USMC dogtags. Personality Thomas is known as being polite, calculated and patient - a rational thinker who tends to analyse all potential outcomes. Thomas is also a savvy businessman with hands in various ventures, by utilising his dynamic personality Thomas is able to appear as a considerate and valued business partner. Thomas has a crippling tobacco addiction, it is rare to ever find him without a cigarette in his hand, his preference being set to Marlboro Gold. Simultaneously, Thomas is incredibly ruthless - not shying away from getting his hands dirty. Possessing an intimidating physique and demeanor, Thomas has been known to assert himself in recent situations as a reliable and stoic man. History Born in Alderney, Liberty City. Alo is the son of a local gym owner Frank Alo who is said to have ties to the Pegorino Crime Family in Liberty City. After finishing high school, Alo worked as a mechanic for several years whilst simultaneously functioning as an associate of the Pegorino family in Liberty City. This was also around the time when Alo married his high-school sweetheart ‘Maria’ - However, around 1996-1997, Alo decided to leave his role as a mechanic entirely to work for the Pegorino family as upon welcoming his daughter into the world, he had to find more avenues of income. Alo, already building a reputation for his quirky money-making schemes became quickly acquainted with notable figures in the Pegorino family such as Joey Pegorino. By 1998, the Pegorino family had become engaged in a three-way gang war with the Sindacco and Forelli families. The hostilities lead to Jimmy Pegorino - the boss of the Pegorino family being arrested, the assassination of the Forelli-controlled Mayor Roger C. Hole, the death of Sindacco family Don Paulie Sindacco and the massive bombing and destruction of Fort Staunton. The Pegorino family was significantly weakened by this, it was further devestated by the arrest of Jimmy Pegorino and the unwillingness of Joey Pegorino to lead. The subsequent death of Jimmy Pegorino lead to further dismay within the family, encouraging many to depart to other families and ventures. Taking this opportunity, Alo decided to migrate to Chicago to raise his family and resume his work as a mechanic. During this time, Alo was also chopping stolen vehicles in order to further his income and through this he made another connection with a Chicago based crime organisation, however the extent of Alo’s involvement was limited due to his concentration being given to his family and daughter. In 2001, Alo decided to sign up for the USMC and was sent away to Afghanistan, for a standard one-year tour. Not accustomed to the extensive discipline, Alo had a difficult time initially adjusting in the Corps but eventually found his own place. Whilst at the Corps, Alo made a few dear friends with whom he still maintains contact with now. To commemmorate his short-lived time in the USMC, Alo has his dogtags displayed as a tattoo around his neck. Present-Day By the year 2015 - after the death of his wife Maria, Alo again looked to move elsewhere. Alo’s daughter was now old enough and away to college, this lead to Thomas heading to Los Santos where he quickly became acquainted with Frank ‘Icarus’ Russo - an associate of the Clinton Avenue Crew. The two quickly became great friends, and began collaborating on various schemes and businesses together such as; Waste Management, Pornography and even extortion. Through Frank, Alo then became acquainted with a mobster named ‘Roy Capra’ who anointed him with the moniker of ‘Sunshine’ due to his quick wit and intelligence. Alo now works with Roy Capra within the Clinton Avenue Crew. Recognizing the vast opportunity in LS, Alo decided to make a bold move and create an online-casino with the help of a long-term associate 'Kevin O'Keeffe'. The financial output from this avenue was immense and quickly proppelled Alo into a great earner, earning him significant respect and reliability within the crew. After time has passed within the Clinton Avenue Crew, Alo has now asserted himself as a reliable and respected member of the organisation falling under the radar of the 'Capo'; Salvatore Lena. Alo now functions as the right-hand man of Roy Capra as well as the personal driver of Salvatore Lena. After building a name for himself within the Clinton Avenue Crew, Thomas Alo was formally put 'on-record' with the Capo; 'Salvatore Lena'. Over time, after building a reputation of loyalty, dilligence and an overall stoic individual - Thomas Alo was nominated for membership by his friend, Roy Capra who was an influencial and respected figure within the Clinton Avenue Crew. After being directly involved in the assassination of Anthony Scutari & Benito Fallone - Thomas asserted himself as a solid individual and was quickly propelled into the rank of Soldier within what is now the Los Santos Crime Family and was a made man. Family Frank Alo - Father [Deceased] Mary Alo - Mother [Deceased] Alexander Alo - Brother [Alive] Dominic Alo - Nephew [Alive] Maria Alo - Wife [Deceased] Lisa Alo - Daughter [Alive] Gallery