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    Always Sunny fan here as well.
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    Useful guides, thanks for sharing.
  3. Rudeboy

    Vespucci Beach is the largest tourist attraction in San Andreas and home to many criminal groups from all ethnicities. Drug trafficking has been a popular means of subsistence for a considerable population in Oakwood. One of the most influential crews was nicknamed Oakwood Boys by the LSPD and the local media. The acclaimed gang have gained a lot of reputation and recognition from tourists, making them the most dominant suppliers in Vespucci. Their territory lines between the river from the east and the north, to Del Perro from the west. Among other things, the most popular drugs supplied by the crew are Marijuana, Cocaine and LSD. The LSPD estimates Oakwood Boys' narcotic distribution network value at around $1,200,000 per year. Their financial success motivated the founding members to invest their money in a few entrepreneurial opportunities such as a music label "Oakwood City", a few private barbershops and a local bar which was closed down due to an illegal gambling back room. Oakwood City reanimated the underground scene in Los Santos. In June of 2017, a SWAT team entered Oakwood's territory accompanied by the DEA detectives, raiding different apartments of associated members. Twenty four alleged members were arrested that night, forcing drastic changes inside the organization. The drug distribution in Vespucci was crippled. A few months have passed, thus the remnants of the crew were forced to deal with the restoration of the organization and reclaim their notorious success once again.
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