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  2. Tritega

    Game crashes

    Hey man, I have no clue but somehow something fixed it, I don't have any issues anymore. Not sure what fixed it ?
  3. Tritega

    Game crashes

    I tried that too :D. Somehow I don't have the issue anymore though, maybe because of an update of the server I don't know ?
  4. Tritega

    Game crashes

    I tried it, it joins sometimes but sometimes when I do it I just get black screen and in the bottom right it says it's loading but it's not starting. I can probably join back now without an issue but the next time I boot it might return again, so I have no clue how to get it out of the way permanently ?
  5. Tritega

    Game crashes

    Any clue, anyone?
  6. Tritega

    Game crashes

    Hey guys, So I have had this issue for like the past 2 weeks now and I need to be really lucky my game doesn't crash to join the server. Alright, so the problem I have is that once the model spawns ( the guy with the bald head ) and the server loads my game crashes at the thrid step, this keeps happening and I have no idea how to fix this issue. Anyone got a clue?
  7. Match 1: Name: K. Tereschenko Number: 1570-201 Match: Barcelona VS Inter Milan Team you're betting on: Barcelona Bet (in USD): 5,000
  8. Tritega

    [SOLD] Ocelot F620

    Yes, I'd be able to meet now, Mirror Park dealership?
  9. Tritega

    [SOLD] Ocelot F620

    Let us meet halfway, 137,500 and we got a deal.
  10. Norrig, nooooo ? I'll miss you bro, we had some cool conversations back in the day, surely will miss you
  11. Tritega

    [SOLD] Ocelot F620

    $135,000, H. Molenaar. Phone: 5678.
  12. Match 1: Name: K. Tereschenko Number: 1570-201 Match: Arsenal VS Liverpool Team you're betting on: Liverpool Bet (in USD): 5,000 Match 2: Name: K. Tereshchenko Number: 1570-201 Match: Tottenham VS Wolverhampton Team you're betting on: Tottenham Bet (in USD): 5,000
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