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  1. If you wanna tell me all the specs, I can sure help you.
  2. Well, it comes out that my ISP didn't send the request because I didn't pay my internet bill lol
  3. Everytime I log into the server, I get this error:
  4. DanteI0S


    The transition from LSRP to GTAW for me has been hard, Louis Buckley here if anyone was in LSFD though!
  5. Mechanical ones are great for gaming, but the difference it makes doesn't necessarily need to buy a 100$ keyboard. I bought one with like 30$ from AULA. Has RGB and Black switches, couldn't ask for more to be honest. However, if you plan to write or work using it; it's simply not the best experience due to the tight space between the buttons.
  6. Hello, I have been roleplaying on SAMP for like a decade? But I am buying a new PC in the next three weeks and I would like to give GTAV MP a try and couldn't find a server that is similar to LSRP(The one I have been playing on) like this one. So, how is the playerbase going with peaks and stuff? Is it really active? Thank you!
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