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  1. Hi my name's Russ and I'm an EVE addict. Been playing on and off since 04 and addicted to the damn thing from industry, hauling junk down to nullsec PvP still fully addicted today and spend way too much time and money on it. P.S TEST is next
  2. ALPR does show in the real world if a vehicle holds no insurance or not. The reason cops in the real world ask for your insurance is the database often takes a day or so to update with any new insurance records that the vehicle may have.
  3. Just a note. ALPR doesn't shown WHEN your insurance ran out only that is has ran out. ALPR is almost instant with todays technology. There is no roleplay to be had with this system. You activate the system and it scans any numberplate that is readable alerting the operator if there is no insurance, the driver holds no license, who the owner is. That's it. If anything the ALPR system we have is significantly worse than the real world as in GTA W it has to be within a small area directly infront of the vehicle. In the real world anything within the cameras field of view will be scanned.
  4. That and I think I speak for the vast majority of PD here. We won't impound your vehicle if it's expired in the last 24 hours to give you a chance to actually pay it if you've gone offline.
  5. Fully suggesting the siren sync aspect would greatly increase realism in the server. Would suggest doing that and then working on other light patterns later on.
  6. jarmin_russ

    Ban ERP

    ERP isn't my thing. But this is an 18 game. People shouldn't be playing this unless they are 18.
  7. One of the only true houses in Sandy Shores, making it a very unique property. For sale is the lower section of the house with it's own garage and it's directly across from the Alamo sea. Pictures:https://imgur.com/a/4xKPCgN Starting Price: $150,000
  8. Fully supporting this think it would help towards reducing bad driving.
  9. For sale we have a small house within Sandy shores a 30 second walk away from the sheriffs department and FD station. Bidding starts at $200,000 Auction will end at 00:01 on the 24/APR/2020 Contact me at [email protected]
  10. Small apartment for sale in Paleto. 602 Cascabel Avenue. Bidding starts at 55k
  11. Would help sheriffs department immensely. Supporting.
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