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  1. Jaynex

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  2. Hi, I was directed here because of my recent creation of a character wanting to do exactly this. I have put many hours of OOC work in developing this character and her resources that she would use to be a psychiatrist on server. I have shared this with the members of FM that I know about in addition to Nervous himself as I would like the ability to be able to come to an in character diagnosis of people with mental health issues and be able to prescribe them medication that could help them in character. I wont fill this post up with my reasoning, and if it is something that people want I would be willing to share what I have done in forum PMs. But I know I would love to have some kind of law, or guidelines that I could follow to make this a real option for the character. Currently the character is about a week old and already has done close to 10 therapy sessions with people. Clearly there is an interest in the players on the server for this kind of mental health RP, and I would love to be able to be a part of it, just need a definition of what can be done and what can't.
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