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  1. 5 BRAVADO RUMPO VANS ON SALE - Well maintained - All of the vans have around 1,000 miles on the clock only - Registered - Insured PRICE: $47,000/each Price heavily reduced if purchased in bulk Contact me at #2067708
  2. Could we do 135, since it's not insured?
  3. Your opportunity is here! Sizeable fleet variety, 95% delivery comission to YOU, great colleagues and company organized events every month! YOU choose when to work and when to rest - no pressure! Trucking isn't a dirty and a forceful job anymore! Apply now! Fill in the information and we will contact you within 48 hours! Click here to fill out the form. Naito Tunusuki, Founder & CEO of Tunusuki Haul (1-800)-2067708, Alta Street 2448, Strawberry, City of Los Santos, San Andreas, SA-38440
  4. GroupCord Chatette YoChat GroupInvader ChatDistract Fingertip Seener ChatApp BoomerApp (reference to so much baby boomers using WhatsApp and viber)
  5. Tunusuki Haul was opened in the year of 2020. It's a new business opened by a very hard-working man named Naito Tunusuki. Here, at Tunusuki Haul, we seek to provide our employees with a motivating environment to work in. We heavily rely on honesty with our employees, employee benefits, and high delivery standards. We believe that well-rested, valued, and awarded employees are way more productive than the ones working in a traditional 9-5 environment. While trucking isn't thought of as a very high-tier profession, it definitely can be way more awarding than a regular office job. It's something worth trying for those who are in a financial need or seek to save up for a business goal. Tunusuki Haul offers career opportunities and promotions for hard-working people. Our current work fleet Burrito (x3) - able to carry 5 crates per delivery, Mule - able to carry 12 crates per delivery, Benson - able to carry 15 crates per delivery. Work requirements - at least 18 years of age; - San Andreas citizenship; - heavy haul license ((just simple driver's license)). Commission Every employee receives an 95% commission per delivery. Contact us CEO - Naito Tunusuki Phone number - 2067708 Company address - Alta Street/Innocence blvd 354, Strawberry, Los Santos, San Andreas. E-mail: [email protected] ((PM Sully)) ((Discord: Dominykas #3350))
  6. When there were a protest and my psycho Russian character was portrayed as a member of the communist party on the news outlet. lol
  7. ASKING PRICE: $85.000 Interior Exterior Complex pool Contact me at: 5555528
  8. Brand: Benefactor Model: Streiter Make year: 2018 Insurance and registration: Both valid Mileage: 141.27 miles Condition: Dealership new Dealership price (insurance and registration included): $105.000 Upgrades: - Transmission maxed - Engine maxed - Turbo installed - Lightly tinted windows - Front bumper - Rims Repair history: - Damage: - Fuel economy: 16MPG city / 22MPG hwy Additional information: Well-kept, nice and spacious Benefactor Streiter. Powerful engine and practical for everyday use. Selling it, because I am moving out of the state. Not taking offers below $80.000. Contact me at: 5555528 Photos:
  9. How about something really crazy and non-stereotypical? Like a bunch of hillbillies, who wander around the forest, make sure it's clean, and harass people from time to time lol?
  10. Sully

    New and need help

    Everything is correct, there are no NPC, because our computers would explode if there were. And use /b, not /ooc
  11. Username: foma Comment: he's just mentally sick, i should give him a ride to a mental facility
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