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(LEO) Feature Showcase: Speed Radar

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 (LEO) Feature Showcase: Speed Radar 








A more detailed Speed Radar has been implemented, thereby replacing the stationary marker system. Thanks to WolfKnights' version for the graphics. 


The Radar itself brings the ability to capture the speed of a vehicle whilst being in motion, as well as to capture speeds behind and in front of the patrol car. 


It furthermore allows separating between outgoing traffic lanes (SAME) and incoming traffic lanes (OPP). This Radar is synced and can be operated by the driver and passenger.







Commands & Keys


/radar or X - To open and hide the Radar 


/radar [limit in mph] - To use the auto-lock at a certain Limit


/radar 0 - To disable the Auto-Lock


/radar reset - To reset the position and scale of the Radar


/radar volume [%] - To adjust the Audio Volume of the Radar


LEFT MOUSE BUTTON - To manually lock the Speed


RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON - To unlock any locked Speed


CTRL + SCROLL - To resize the Radar


CLICK + DRAG - To move the Radar





/oldradar [LIMIT] - To use the old Radar-System


/oldradaroff  - To disable the old Radar-System



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