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Feature Showcase: Elections


To help assist with the upcoming elections, a technical voting system has been put in place. The aim of this is to bring a much more immersive experience to both political roleplay and government roleplay, for more information on what the government does, their forums can be found here.


How It Works


For players, the voting system is relatively easy. With the elections electing council representatives, as well as a mayor, a 'district' map has been put into place. Characters will register to vote at one of their addresses and automatically be sorted into a district based on their address. 


On election day, players will head off towards a custom-mapped polling station within their district and be shown, by using the /vote command, the list of candidates running in that particular district, as well as the party they're running under. Players are then able to cast their vote with /vote [ID]. Following the district ballot, players will be able to vote for their mayoral candidate. The system will automatically tally all the votes for a particular candidate, and be able to give the winners of each particular seat to Legal Faction Management, who will be able to prepare inaugurations for the lucky winners!

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