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Found 1 result

  1. Short description: The Driver's License Script / Driving Rules need to be updated. I wasn't sure whether to put this in a rule suggestion or not, but I think it falls under a game suggestion as it affects incoming players IC'ly with their knowledge of the basic driving rules. Detailed description: Let's be real, not everyone goes and reads the in-character penal code. They go off of what others tell them, usually. The prompts at the beginning and during the Driver's License test need to be updated with accurate information and the script updated to reflect what's discussed below. I know for a fact the speed limits gone over in the initial DL test are incorrect. I believe they state the speed limits are 50 (city limits) and 75 anywhere else. Penal code was updated to 60 mph in the city, 75 mph on the county roads and 90 mph on the highways. Update how the stop and go through intersections is worded and instructed throughout the entire test. Currently it states to stop at every intersection and yield to the vehicles coming from the right. At every intersection the script instructs you to stop and if you go through it without stopping, it penalizes you. The actual script should also be adjusted to reflect this as well, so people don't get penalized for going through a green light during the test (as per the penal code, this is legal) rather than stopping at every intersection (which is what the script instructs them to do currently). The penal code has different wording for this as stated below: If, upon approaching a junction containing traffic lights the traffic light displays a red light the driver must stop to other vehicles before continuing. If there is no other vehicles at the junction, the driver may proceed cautiously through the junction. If the traffic light displays a green light, the driver is not required to stop, and may pass through the intersection without stopping. Commands to add: None Items to add: New prompts during the Driver's License test, updated to the current penal code. How would your suggestion improve the server? While it may seem like something small, the driver's test is the first IC point where people learn the basic driving rules of the server. Having the script and accompanying wording updated will help to create less confusion over how to drive legally on GTAW. Every one you ask, usually its a different answer. This would help create clarity for pretty much anyone coming into the server and help to avoid future issues with people who may have paid attention to the prompts during the driver's test. Additional information: Anyone has anything else to add that may need to be worded differently or something I may have missed from the driving test, feel free to say something. I will add it to the original thread if it makes sense.
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