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  1. FOR SALE A convertible 2013 Weeny Issi with high mileage and decent performance upgrades. It currently has a GPS installed, along with a custom numberplate and bright red neons underneath the frame. Along with the performance upgrades, it comes installed with the best anti-theft system available. You can contact my number only through text messages at 42031329. The starting bid is $25.000 while the buyout price is $35.000. ((OOC STATS)) SOLD
  2. ((ITT I'll be ripping off My Analog Journal and post videos of records being played and recorded.)) USERNAME: COMMENT:
  3. It has been a good four months for us but we are burntout and left uninspired. I sincerely wish we had documented our roleplay better way back then but c'est la vie. All four of us might return one day, but until then goodbye. Special Thanks To: Jose Blumkin and the Vinewood Boys Daniel Bechera and the Wops Robert Gatto and the Magellan Crew Chelsea Antoinette and everyone we had the opportunity to roleplay with.
  4. Might as well edit some of the screenshots I took. Introducing The Pillbox Four. The rest might join later. Also some of the screenshots are a month old so enjoy Antonius Tatas' hairstyle evolution lol.
  5. Contact info: #22137943 Vehicle: Frontier Bid: $45,000
  6. I'm looking to buy a Seminole Frontier. Performance upgrades are preferable but not necessary. Please drop a message under this advert or text this number: 22137943
  7. This solution worked for him apparently. Nahimic Companion is apparently an MSI software installed on MSI computers so if anybody else encounters this problem on an MSI computer, this could work fixing your freeze problems.
  8. Since RageMP 1.1 Update, my friend's computer freezes up everytime he takes a step. From time to time it unfreezes when he holds the button but the moment he releases it, the game freezes. It's a really annoying problem that prohibits him playing the game properly and enjoy it. He didn't have this type of problem before the update so I think it is related to the update. He also suffers from overall FPS decrease. The game itself works fine on single player and GTAO. Thanks in advance.
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