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  1. Seller is dumb and he/she should be not able to sell this car. I hope the Government takes it from the person.
  2. Listen here smart ass. When you took that Deity out of dealership, the value went down 20% instantly, which in this case is $80'000 and you're saying you put $80 grand worth of upgrades which makes the car back to $400 grand but you drove it as well so the value went down, you get $390'000 maximum for it. Plus my pockets so deep I can buy your whole family tree and if you have ANY money left then insure the fucking car you dork.
  3. You won't get over purchase price but you do you hustler.
  4. Bought a vehicle, did nothing and hoping to get all the money back? You must be crazy in head
  5. Looking to purchase a Annis ZR350 Condition does not matter. Contact me on: - [email protected] ((Forum PM)) or #5551006
  6. Possible to arrange a viewing?
  7. Interested in Zion Classic!
  8. Won't pay over $80'000 for that vehicle.
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