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  1. Both noted. Gonna keep the offers open as of now.
  2. ((Sure, like I said the property won't be sold until the end of this month or the beginning of next month.))
  3. Gonna start the bidding at 200k. Property probably won't be sold till the end of the month or first of next.
  4. Open to trades. Sell of the property won't be made until the 28th or once I've secured a new home. ((https://imgur.com/a/bFYKUCc))
  5. HIRING: -Dealers -Bartender *Wages are negotiable* Inquire via email at [email protected] (Forum PM's or Discord Bandit#0061)
  6. This doesn't seem to be answer as many have pointed out in the posts above. Its not like /we/ asked y'all to become admins on this server. /YOU/ chose to apply and do it knowing the responsibility. With that being said- I've seen multiple people (including myself) apply for admin/support and get turned away because we weren't "active" on the forums.
  7. Sure, I can see that too. But let's take a look at a few examples that I found within 5 minutes...
  8. In this topic I'll be covering the very task that everyone here knows about... reporting any and everything. I won't be focusing on forum reports of players but the very thing that takes up to weeks for a response. iFM, LFM, Refunds, CK appeals, Staff reports.... you name it. At what point do we stop having to halt our RP and wait for these things to be filled. At what point do we get transparency from the staff team? Also take into account that I can provide all the necessary evidence in-game and the report will still be referred to the forums. I just want to hear everybody's opinion on this.
  9. Now hear me out... I believe that staff reports should be open to the public and should be seen by everyone. My reasoning for this is so we can see exactly the same thing that everyone else sees on US the "community." Why should a staff members mistakes be swept under the rug or when we have staff reports that go unanswered for up to a month at a time? Feel free to tell me your thoughts.
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