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  1. Someone is upset, did you happen to get some stuff stolen recently?
  2. Offering 65k. Plus I gotta pay to repaint that color.
  3. Noted, will end the auction soon if nobody else is interested.
  4. Starting bid: 60k Buyout: 90k The truck has higher mileage but she still runs great! (( https://imgur.com/a/bf7RUMn ))
  5. I'm a highly trained militant, I should be able to roll whenever I please. /s
  6. Looking to purchase a Vapid Sadler, please contact me via sms or call at 4888. Reference picture provided: (( https://gta.fandom.com/wiki/Sadler ))
  7. Become more involved in our RP then, as this isn't always what happens. We've had multiple rides and such, even have a funeral ride coming up and then a poker run.
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