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hey, I'm Antonio_Stradivarius

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On 5/4/2019 at 1:17 AM, Rafiki said:

Damn those aliens are good.... You're not an alien are you?! 

Just got back into art myself, trying my best to learn but some days I can draw and others all I can produce are scribbles..... Would love any tips for a beginner, I'd sure like to be at your level one day.
What do you use for the 3d art? And are any the pictures on your main post 3d works? Like the dude you're working on now? (Who looks like a super mutant from fallout)

I believe I used zbrush and then maya and arnold renderer for that one.

But it really doesn't matter the program, now I use blender and I used 3ds max and c4d and any program you can think of.


Well for drawing, just learn the art fundamentals. Academic drawing, perspective, anatomy, color theory and things like that. It's not that hard, you just have to keep practicing and keep doing it for fun. That's how I do it

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Jo    20

Looks solid. 

Really like your work, you can tell that all of them come from the same person. 

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