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Player Guide Rules

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Nervous    1631



Player Guide Rules


The player guides section has just one purpose: to provide community members with information that can be helpful and is up to date with current server features. It's a great way for players to contribute to the server. There are a few rules that are relevant to this section however that must be kept in mind before posting. 


  • Player guides will be archived if the information in it is deemed to be out of date and in turn containing misleading information. EX: Containing a trucking guide from a previous server version. 
  • Given the nature of this section bumping should be done sparsely and only if there's been an update to the guide or a need to make others aware of the information again. For the former, that would be once a day (24 hours); the latter should only be done once each two weeks. 
  • While you may not agree with every aspect of a guide please be civil and bare in mind that common courtesy applies here too. 
  • Plagiarism won't be tolerated. If you intend to copy over someone else's materials please get their permission and give them credit. 


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