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Montel Laroc

Montel Laroc

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Posted (edited)

Montel Laroc is a 14 year old African American teenager who was born in Davis, South Central LS.montywiki1.png.6b1101f939abeded33d21a04f14562cc.png

His mother, 35 year old Lauren Hall, is a long-time painkiller addict. His late father, who would now be 42 if he were still alive, Dwayne Laroc, was a member of the Avenue Panic Carson Crips (APCC) in East Davis during and after the American crack epidemic. Due to his mother's lengthy state criminal record for drug possession and drug dealing, in which she served time in San Andreas correctional facilities in the late 1990s - mid 2000s for, as well as her over-the-counter pharmaceutical drug addiction, she cannot get a job and lives on welfare. If she needs money, her drug addicted peer group will typically just mug or rob people in the street for it.

Montel Laroc has spent his entire life living in ran down squat houses, relative's house's and section 8 housing in Davis. With his father's death in the streets from a brazen hit-and-run accident when he was 7 years old and his mother's current preoccupation with her drug addiction, he lacks any sort of social, emotional or moral support at home. This has resulted in him having a very cold home life and having a lack of emotional growth with his immediate family. Due to this, he gets along far more with strangers, acquaintances and friends than he does anybody else in his family.

He will often spend time with his alcoholic uncle, 41 year old ex convicted felon Dion Laroc, in order to escape from day to day pressures of school and his toxic life at home. However, his uncle is a lonely alcoholic who will only work dead end jobs in order to pay for his habits. And, if he's not out working dead end jobs, he's out in the streets and engaging in blue collar criminal activities such as burglaries and home invasions to scrape some money together. His uncle knows how to manipulate other people and he makes no exceptions for his nephew Montel, who he regularly deceives, coerces and intimidates; in fact, his nephew has been serving as a lookout for his burglaries and home invasions since he was an 11 year old child.

He balances his life at home and in the streets out with a rather harmonious life at school, where he fits in well with a peer group that he has been with since his days as a junior high schooler.

He previously bullied kids almost all throughout elementary school, where he vented his inner anger and life's problems towards them, though after many verbal altercations and a few fist fights on school grounds throughout the final 2 grades, he stopped bullying after many of his victims eventually struck back against him.

In junior high school, he became a football player, and a track and fielder. Here, he gradually gained the acceptance of his peers, almost all of whom were athletes and who were not bullying other kids. A couple of kids within his peer group are kids that he will typically stay out late with, slip into neighborhood bars with as minors, do graffiti on private and public property with and on more rare occasions will break into cars. As a result of these activities, coupled with his crimes committed with his maternal uncle, he has attracted the attention of at-risk youth organizations in Davis. Despite attending their counselling and psychotherapy programs over the entire summer of 2019, it has not helped him turn his life around at all.

Montel is very conscious of the fact that he has been dealt a bad hand in life, and this gives him an advantage over other people in his situation who either don't think much about it or grow up viewing it as being completely normal. However, given a lack of logistical resources, a family that doesn't care much about him and his already destitute socioeconomic situation, he sees no way out of his awful predicament in life at the moment.

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Posted (edited)

 Strike From Roy Lowenstein / Negative Influence






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