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liafriuli    96
Posted (edited)

The management and the admins can receive messages from people quite often to ask about their requests. With a few UX improvements, you can deliver your message much better, making the players understand how many messages you need to deal with before handling theirs. None of these ideas are hard to code, most of them can be done in a few minutes but can save you from some struggle in the future. 


1.) Progression on the requests page.

Page: property-requests/my-requests

Description: Add a plus column where people can see how many waiting applications need to be handled before theirs. This value can be calculated with an easy query where you call the number of unhandled applications before the new application's date. Something like this:



2.) Feedback when submitting a request.

Page: ./

Description: Print the number of applications waiting when you submit yours. In the "Your application submitted... blah-blah" message you should state the number above so you give instant feedback to the user about how long he/she will need to wait approximately. 


3.) Feedback about the discount when purchasing donator rank.

Page: funds/redeem

Description: Add a little message to raise awareness that you can purchase ranks on a discounted value when you buy multiple months at once. Just a plus row where you say "Buy multiple months for a cheaper price" or something like that and based on the slider, it should say how many WP I will save. Like that:



4.) Change the classes to make the page more mobile-friendly.

Page: funds/redeem

Description: As I saw you are using the wrong Bootstrap class everywhere. By using the good grid option you will make the site much more usable from mobile devices. The sm class is not made for this use case. Currently, the page looks like this:



After you change the classes it will look like this. Tada. Same with the ranks.




5.) Use next-gen images sitewide. 

Page: ./

Description: Right now you are using image formats both in the UCP and Facebrowser which extremely resource hungry. For example, the jewelry store image you hook from Imgur takes 1500 kilobytes to load and it is just a simple image. Storing every image locally in a next-gen format such as WebP will result in much faster loading time especially in mobile devices and with a slow connection. Serving raw PNG should be a no-go. 

Edited by liafriuli

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Mike    109
Posted (edited)

Queue, wp slider thing and redeem items will be fixed next ucp update. For the images I'll have to speak with Everett and do some research.

Edited by Mike
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