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"Background Charges"

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Silverfish    26

Short description:


Create a section on the PD forum where players can request charges to be added on their characters records.



Detailed description:


Lets say you start a new character called Jimmy.

Jimmy is a man in his late thirties that spend the last 15 years of his life locked up for violent crime X.


Jimmy gets pulled over for speeding or a routine traffic stop driving his own car, the officer(s) check his plate and pull up his record.

As it stands now this record will come back clean as a wistle for Jimmy is a brand new character and the officers approach Jimmy as if he is a model citizen and not the potentially dangerous powder keg he actually is.



After several weeks of slinging dope Jimmy gets caught and gets treated & sentenced as a first time offender and not the repeat offender he actually roleplays as.




Jimmy does his best to stay out of the hood and live like a square applying for a job as a bartender.

The owner of the bar requests acces to Jimmys record at the criminal records desk and it comes back clean.

So now Jimmy has a easier time getting hired then he should have unless the player goes out of his way to explain Jimmies background story.




Now what if the player could OOC'ly request to have Crime X and the time he served to be put on Jimmys record for the sake of immersion and convenience?

Police officers could right off the bat approach traffic stops involving Jimmys vehicle diffrently and treat him as the piece of shit the player actually tries to portay jimmy as. Maybe officers could request or be assigned as the arresting officer for certain "background charges" to create some "Deep lore" between certain PD and criminal characters? 



How would your suggestion improve the server?:


 It might enhance the servers immersion and give players a chance to dive even deeper into their characters background story and be actively confronted with said background story by other characters.

Edited by Silverfish

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