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Son of a Butcher

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Providence    31
Posted (edited)


“I always knew my father was up to something. For a good while I just didn’t know what.”



“You see, my father didn’t want to involve the family in anything. To us and the public, he was the second generation owner of a butcher shop, right in the heart of New York City. My grandfather opened that shop when he came from the old country. It was the pride of the family.”


Paul Zampa was born on May 21st 1980 in Brooklyn, New York City. The third son and fourth child of Anthony and Angelina Zampa. The Zampas were famous in their neighbourhood for their family run butcher shop. Anthony Zampa was a suspected low level associate of the Colombo Crime Family, but was never publicly found to be involved in any criminal activity, despite the circumstances of his death.


“I wasn’t an idiot though. None of us were. We all knew that we had a little too much allowance for the children of a butcher, and had a few too many uncles and aunties”



“But I never questioned it. I was happy feigning blissful ignorance. That is, until we were forced to face the truth. My father was shot dead shortly after closing up shop one night in ‘95. My oldest brother, Anthony Junior, he tried keeping the shop running, but it was like you could never quite get the blood stains out of the floor, no matter how hard you tried.”


On July 2nd in Brooklyn, New York City, a shooting took place in the Zampa butcher shop, around 7PM. When police arrived on scene, they found Anthony Zampa dead, a single bullet to the back of his head. There were no signs of forced entry or struggle. A few months later, the Zampa butcher shop closed for business, and the Zampa family which had been a household name in that part of Brooklyn, seemed to scatter with the winds.


“My mother didn’t deal with the news very well. Luckily for all of us though, Anthony Junior was a good son, he took care of her. Looking back on it, I regret I didn’t do more myself. Now my sister, she was the oldest of us. Her and my younger brother were always close, so when the family collapsed, she took him out west somewhere, San Fierro or some or another. Last I hear they’re doing well. Good on them.




“That left me to do my own thing though. I was 15 and had just lost my father and my biggest role model. I think it was pretty natural that I’d turn to the New York City nightlife in that situation. I met a lot of good friends during those next few years, but not a lot of good people. I left school as soon as I could, all I wanted to do was be with my friends. And girlfriends.”


In the mid to late ‘90s, Paul Zampa found himself involved in a number of petty crimes. Burglary, vehicle theft and the likes. The Zampa family had fallen on tough times following the closure of their butcher shop. Many of the juvie officers from that time remember Zampa, and wager that he felt forced to commit crime for a living. It didn’t help his situation that Paul Zampa was known to be a heavy partier.


“It was around this time I met the love of my life. Diana Fazio, a name my mother would approve of. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew that I was gonna marry her, that she was my ticket to heaven.”




“We were bad kids. We all had italian surnames, we felt like a regular mob. Of course we weren’t, but we had seen the movies. It wasn’t until I met some of the people my father had been involved with that I really understood.”


In 2002, Paul Zampa married Diana Fazio. By all accounts they were a great pair, and the marriage had approval from both families. It wouldn’t be long before the Zampa pair moved out of New York City, to the other side of the country in Las Venturas. Many speculate that Paul was trying to get away from something. Perhaps he had realised the error of his ways. In any case, Paul found himself picking up his father’s profession, finding work at a butchers.”


“I don’t think my mother ever really forgave me for leaving, but Brooklyn was gonna be the death of me. I found a real job, and I could send real money back to her, to help Anthony Junior take care of her. At the time, Venturas was like paradise to me. I earned well enough to support my wife, and the living costs were so cheap in the middle of the desert, that I had enough money to develop a gambling habit.”




“Of course now it’s become painfully obvious to me that just because I left Brooklyn, Brooklyn never really left me. I tried being a middle class family man for 18 years. But there’s a reason men in their 40s end up killing themselves so much.”


The Zampa pair had been gone from public eye for most of their 18 year long marriage, but the name suddenly appeared in records again when they filed for divorce. It seems that Diana’s infertility and Paul’s wish for a big family had clashed too often, and a messy split took place. Paul left most of the belonging to his now ex-wife Diana, and has most recently been seen living in Los Santos.”


“It wasn’t her fault, of course it wasn’t. But I just couldn’t get over it. The least I could do for my mother was provide her with some grandkids before she passed on, and it had become clear that Diana wasn’t going to be the mother. I gave her everything she wanted, to give her a chance on her own. I’m told she found some rich gook to leech off of. Good for her.”



“I didn’t want to go back home. They wouldn’t approve. I had to make something of myself, for god’s sake I’m approaching 40, it’s about time. I’ve started over before and I’m ready to do it again. However, this time instead of being scared off from my father’s untimely demise, I’ll learn a lesson from it.”

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